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How Much Does Netflix Cost With Advertising

In November, the cheapest Netflix subscription plan with commercial breaks arrives: let’s find out the cost and all the conditions. Films, TV series, documentaries, cartoons, anime, and much more: Netflix allows users to access the entertainment they want through a wide range that satisfies the tastes of adults, teens, and children. Several structured and proposed subscription plans meet many economic and organizational needs. And to make it even more accessible and provide the possibility even for those who want to reduce expenses, a new opportunity has recently been devised.  The cheapest of  Netflix’s proposals is on the way.

The New Netflix Plan: Cost And Conditions

From November 3, the new Netflix subscription plan, Base with advertising, will be available in 12 countries worldwide. Users in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom can select the new platform proposal. This is the cheapest plan you can choose from to access the Netflix catalog. Commercial breaks have been foreseen when watching the shows to lower the subscription price. The cost of the Basic plan with advertising is 5.49 euros per month. 

The advertising will last about 4-5 minutes every hour of viewing. The spots will individually last 15 or 30 seconds and be inserted before or during the displayed programs. The other subscription features are identical to the Basic plan. You can view almost all the shows you want on one device at a time, available on a wide range of mobile devices and televisions (smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, laptops, or streaming devices), or unsubscribe at any time it deems appropriate. It will not be possible to download the contents to watch them without an Internet connection.

All Netflix Subscription Plans

The Basic plan with advertising is in addition to the other three classic Netflix subscription proposals, which remain unchanged.  The Basic plan costs € 7.99 monthly and allows watching content from only one device simultaneously without ad interruption. The Standard plan costs € 12.99 per month and allows viewing on two devices simultaneously and in full HD. The complete Netflix plan, the Premium, has a price set at 17.99 euros per month and provides access from 4 devices simultaneously and viewing in Ultra HD / 4K. The new Netflix plan also represents an excellent opportunity for all advertisers who want to reach a wider audience, potentially interested in the services and products offered and well-targeted by country and genre of the content they appreciate.

The Other Subscription Plans Will Continue To Exist

The streaming platform called it ” an incredible opportunity ” to expand the audience of users of the service, who will be able to subscribe at a discounted price and for advertisers. In the United States, the company announced that it had already sold all advertising space on the first day of activating the ‘Base with advertising’ service. It should be emphasized, however, that this is not a turning point with no choice for the viewer, who can still decide not to see advertising during TV series and films on Netflix. The Base, Standard, and Premium subscriptions remain active.

Netflix: The Partnership With Microsoft

For the launch of advertising on Netflix, the streaming giant has partnered with Microsoft and with DoubleVerify, and Integral Ad Science, which will verify the visibility and validity of Netflix publicizing traffic beginning from the first quarter of 2023. For now, it is unknown how much advertising space on Netflix costs, nor what projections are on how many new subscriptions they expect will be subscribed.

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