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Change A Facebook Account On A Computer Or Mobile

More and more users manage multiple accounts on Facebook. The platform has created a way to switch between profiles – here’s how easily. Launched on the web in 2004 and conceived by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, belonging to the Meta company, is the most popular social network ever, despite the growing competitiveness of new online platforms. Born as a university service, many soon began to appreciate its functionality and use it to keep in touch with schoolmates, distant friends and relatives, and work colleagues. Over time, Facebook subscribers have increased dramatically, and companies have also started to be present on the platform, investing resources to improve their online presence. 

The goal for commercial activities is to seize a precious opportunity: to show products and services, through content and sponsorships, to a vast and potentially interested audience. With 2.91 billion active people (as of October 2021), it sits at the top of the most-used platforms, followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The number of profiles and pages created on Facebook is extremely high and continues to grow perpetually. Often, for personal or business reasons, a person has to manage multiple accounts and quickly switch between them. It is an operation that Facebook has made possible in a few steps, both from the desktop and the application.

Facebook: How The Platform Can Be Used

Before taking advantage of Facebook’s potential, you must understand how you can be present on the platform. Access to the social network is entirely free and does not require any subscription or payment of fees by individuals, businesses, or other types of organizations. The first step is to create a personal profile. It is a virtual space to share all the information concerning the user, such as the studies carried out, the date of birth, the current job, the sentimental situation, or important goals achieved. The profile is the essential element that allows you to perform all possible actions on Facebook.

You cannot create pages and groups to promote your business without it. Each profile should be interestingly connected with an email address or a phone number. Pages are spaces where companies, public figures, brands, organizations, and non-profit associations can promote their business, connect with customers or their supporters, announce news or launch new products and services. Through a profile, you can create groups or manage those already opened by others if authorized. Gatherings can be public or private and can be devoted to any subject, like side interests, news, sports, music, books, etc.

It is permitted to deal with numerous Facebook profiles assuming you have the certifications. Switching from one shape to another is simple and easy. It can be done both from a personal computer, by accessing the platform through the official website, and from the application that can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. When you switch from one account to another, the platform will automatically log out of the first one. To re-access it, you must make a new step and re-enter your password. 

How To Change A Facebook Account From A Computer 

You need to access the platform from the official website to change a Facebook account from your personal computer. After entering your phone number, the email address used to register for the social network, and your password, click on ‘Login.’ On the Facebook homepage, click on the icon indicating the personal profile in the top left, click on the item ‘View all profiles,’ click on ‘Change account,’ and select the desired one from those present. The platform prompts you to enter your password every time for security reasons. If the account you want to access is not current, click on ‘Login with another account and enter the relevant credentials. When you access a profile, you can manage all the pages and groups connected to it based on permissions.

How To Change A Facebook Account From a Mobile

Exchanging between accounts should likewise be possible on cell phones. First, you need to download the application from the Google Play Store, in the case of machines with an Android operating system, or from the App Store for those equipped with iOS. Sign up for Facebook by creating a new profile or logging in using the credentials of a previously created account. On the application homepage, click on the profile icon with three horizontal dashes in the top right.

Press the down arrow next to the profile name. A menu will open containing every one of the pages overseen by the record. Push on the thing “Sign in to another record” and select the one you need to change to. In the menu that opens by tapping on ‘Login to another record,’ you can make changes, eliminating the records to which you never again expect to do a switch from now on. To add new forms, sign in from your PC.

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