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The 23 Best iPhone Apps For A Successful Vacation

Who says vacation does not necessarily mean rest? Fortunately, the iPhone is here to help you organize that long-awaited break time. Ah, how good it is to think about vacations! These two or three weeks of relaxation and idleness that we talk about all year are awaited by the whole family but pass so quickly. Whether you’re going far away from everything or not, the iPhone has a card to play. And that’s precisely the goal of our iPhone apps file of the week. 

Last weekend, we hit the road with the iPhone. This week, having arrived (or soon) at our destination, many applications will help us enjoy our stay without stress, with our toes fanned out. Put on your flip-flops, wear some shorts and head out for a day of vacation with the iPhone. The majority of apps mentioned here are free apps. When it comes to premium apps, we mark it as such.

Departure And Arrival

My favorite thing about vacation is when I turn off the alarm for the first time. It’s like cutting yourself off from everyday life and making the start of rest time official once and for all. However, to leave on time and wake up the whole family at dawn, getting me out of bed took a little bugle call. Half asleep, I was no less excited, like a kid going away for the first time. 

I rush into the shower and load the car. Let’s go on the vacation road. My iPhone sits above the dashboard, crowded with apps for the vacation road. After a few hours, three corks, two liters of water, four bathroom breaks later and so on, we arrived at our vacation spot. It’s amazing how, on vacation, everything seems more beautiful, brighter, more “everything”. 

So, I take this opportunity to start taunting colleagues by posting two or three photos on Instagram… With the car unloaded, it is time for the little family to get bearings in this new environment. Tonight, it’s a restaurant; you still need to know where to find one. I could have asked Siri, but I also planned with a few practical apps:

  1. Yelp
  2. AroundMe

Finally, it will be pizza and ice cream, then bed because the start of the holidays has already tired me out…

Preparations For The First Days

After a night of almost restful sleep, if the children hadn’t shown up at 7 a.m. asking, I quote: “When are we going to the beach?”  I open the windows to breathe the fresh air and surprise… It’s raining! It begins well. Far from being demoralized, I grab my iPhone and look hopefully at the weather forecast. It’s now official; the beach isn’t today. First of all, you will have to fill the cupboards and, at the same time, the car’s tank. Since I don’t know the area, I also take a quick look at gas prices in the surrounding area. 

There are specialized apps, including Gasoil Now and Essence&Co, but the Waze navigation app and its large community also allow you to see prices updated regularly for surrounding stations. Very convenient. Here we go, my little tribe arrives at the local supermarket flushed out thanks to the apps found a little above. I have the habit of misplacing the shopping list frequently, so I put it on my iPhone, which I always keep.!

Google Keep

A glance at Shopmium to take advantage of one or two promotions, and we’re ready to fill the fridge. All that remains is to draw out the (virtualized!) loyalty card:

  1. Fidall
  2. Fidme

…and hop back home in the rain. The weather is not good. Thanks to one or two of my favorite cooking apps, the little family will enjoy it despite the weather. But you will have to plan something for the afternoon.

The Holidays Finally Begin

After the meal, there was no question of watching TV; even though I had all the apps I needed thanks to our dedicated folder, we decided to enjoy the region. This afternoon is all about culture. On the way to the museum, I heard something coming from the back of the vehicle, just in between “When will we arrive?”, the very famous: “I have to pee, and it’s urgent”. One day, I will have to take two minutes to study the astounding correlation that can exist between driving a car and emptying my bladder.

Fortunately, for these little moments, there is also an app! After a few clicks, we are in front of the toilets, minus one. A little later, we leave the Museum of Stars with our eyes full, happy with our first visit and ready to continue the vacation. Questions and observations abound, and one of us suggests, given the weather which is not improving, to migrate to the nearest cinema. Back to iPhone:

  1. AlloCiné
  2. IMDb

As I launched the app, I was astonished that there was no network, which meant no cinema at that moment. Like a MacGyver of the internet connection, I am thinking of catching a WiFi network that is lying around, and the following app will be handy to me since, like everyone else, I no longer know where my passwords are.

  1. WiFi Map

Head to the next screening of the latest popular film. An hour and 47 minutes later, the film was shown,  and everyone had their little comment. When we leave the cinema, a surprise awaits us… the sun. Finally! As the city offers a bicycle service, we decided to take a short ride, except that we are still trying to remember the nearest station. Once again, the iPhone saves us. I find a bike using Bicyclette and guided myself using the Bike Citizens app, a specialist in city navigation by bike.

Bike Citizens

A few pedal strokes later, it’s high time to go home for a board game evening.  The winner’s laughter mixed with the losers’ tears, and night had already fallen a long time ago when we decided to go to bed. We’ll do well tomorrow, but the weather will be pleasant… Well, I hope so. Before bed, I quickly review my to-do list (the old worker reflex…)

  1. Things

It would help if you didn’t forget to send postcards, but you know me… I have an app for that, too, and no stamp chores; everything is done with my photos from the iPhone!

  1. Popcarte

Do you have any favorite apps for the holidays? Report them in the comments! They may be added in the next update of this file! And don’t miss our other files and our series of articles on unique holiday apps, “holidays in Apps.”

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