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Xiaomi Is Working On A New Smartwatch With Wear OS 3

The smartwatches with the Wear operating system working framework will welcome another Xiaomi model. Here are the subtleties. For Android, there are numerous smartwatches accessible with various working frameworks. The fascinating ones, notwithstanding, depend on the Wear operating system: Google’s working framework intended to be utilized explicitly on smartwatches. Among the best gadgets in this classification, we notice the Samsung Watch5 Master and the fantastic Google Pixel Watch.

A few hours prior, Xiaomi introduced a smartwatch with a restrictive working framework: the Watch S1 Expert. Per what was spilled on the net, the organization is working on another item founded on the Wear operating system to be delivered in 2023. As referenced toward the start, the Wear operating system smartwatch market is rich for what it’s worth, with requirements to work on in certain angles. Xiaomi is more dynamic according to the perspective of gadgets in light of exclusive working frameworks. The organization offers items for all spending plans and various purposes. However, it fulfills whole market portions superbly.

Xiaomi products that do not integrate Wear OS are based on simplified Android distributions. This allows the company to offer products well integrated with the ecosystem of Android products but full of exclusive features. On the other hand, the absence of the Play Store limits the experience. Proposing a top-level smartwatch with Wear OS on board would lead Xiaomi to compete directly with the other manufacturers, now leaders in the sector. Samsung has embraced Google’s operating system for a few years now with excellent results. Google has recently launched the Pixel Watch, which follows the smartphone experience proposed by the company. 

Mobvi, with the Ticwatch brand, has been offering excellent alternatives at competitive prices for years. In this context, Xiaomi could quickly become a reference point for this sector. Xiaomi certainly has plans to launch more devices during the year. Indeed, the launch of this device will come in conjunction with that of other devices of the Chinese company. The upcoming Xiaomi Watch will be powered by the same “Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear)” app that the company’s wearables use today, making it familiar and easy for brand fans. 

It will also be released under the same “Xiaomi Watch” branding as the existing lineup of non-Wear OS watches, offering consumers the same elegant and refined design they have come to expect and love. While details on the upcoming smartwatch are still scarce, it has been confirmed that it will run Wear OS 3, a significant upgrade over the current MIUI Watch OS used in Xiaomi’s high-end models. This means that users can enjoy some unique features made possible by Google apps and services. It is worth noting that Fossil smartwatches also come with Wear OS 3. 

However, one potential downside for fans of the Xiaomi Watch series is that Wear OS is known for its short battery life. Xiaomi watches are known for lasting multiple days without recharging, but it remains to be seen how the next Xiaomi Watch with Wear OS will do. The release date of the new Xiaomi Watch is still uncertain, but the launch is said to be slated for 2023. Overall, the move to Wear OS 3 is an exciting development for Xiaomi and its fans. We’re eager to see how the company will incorporate this new technology into its line of smartwatches.

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