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The Best Apps To Limit Smartphone Use On iOS And Android

The best apps to limit smartphone use are our most important allies to combat the addiction we have developed to the phone. We pick it up dozens of times a day, we build performance anxiety for every notification, and we have a real addiction to scrolling on social media.

To attempt to diminish the destructive effect of the cell phone on our lives, a characteristic of social development was brought into the world in the tech world: an attempt to use the moral side of the issue, such as Fairphone, by delivering a reasonable and fair telephone, or the people who, similar to Tristan Harris, a previous item savant at Google, are searching for a method for detoxifying us from notices. 

Similarly, as sluggish food and natural foods stand out from unhealthy food in a feasting society that spotlights quality and wellbeing, his association, Time Very Much Spent, needs to make a Hippocratic Pledge for organizations and tech engineers to shield individuals’ time. Objective: to make a better option by exploiting the gadgets. What’s more, the best applications to restrict cell phone use can assist us with this. How would they function? Clearly, they exploit the chance conceded by the iOS and Android working frameworks to stop the gadgets, sifting approaching solicitations as per your necessities. 

You can seclude yourself by obstructing calls and messages or controlling only Facebook and Instagram warnings, leaving messages and work calls dynamic. Put them in no time flat, setting them up as best as conceivable by making sub-blocks committed to the different snapshots of the day. From the most exemplary Don’t Upset Around evening time for customizations committed to work or family, here are the five best applications to restrict cell phone use to download on iOS and Android.

Use Screen Time And Complete Immersion On The iPhone

The simplest and fastest way is to utilize the local capabilities intended for the reference working framework. Apple presented Screen Time on iOS 12, and from that point forward, it has permitted us to screen iPhone movement by letting us know the amount we use it and, week after week, sending us a report with the most utilized applications. 

However, past this, it is additionally advantageous for making day-to-day breaks for applications that occupy you or even limits for applications and correspondences that you need to obstruct or from which you could do without getting notices or calls. Likewise, you can tweak your snapshots of the day in Full Drenching by picking which messages to deactivate, which screens to enact consequently, and which mechanization to show on the telephone (for instance, turn on the light when you return).

Use Digital Wellbeing On Android

The tool designed by Google for Android is very similar: go to Settings, choose Digital Wellbeing, and customize your experience based on the usage timer you find in the app and the possibility of deactivating certain notifications for the period you prefer.


If, in any case, you need something more delectable that urges you to keep your telephone in your pocket, Woodland is one of the most mind-blowing applications for restricting cell phone use. The more time you spend away from the gadget, the more you permit a plant to develop and thrive before our eyes.

Plant a tree and return to work; each time you leave here, your tree will die is the case that prompted the application’s prosperity. You can set clocks from 10 minutes to two hours and permit you to have a prize while getting done with perceiving how much your plant has filled in your non-appearance.


If you have already fixed apps with the other solutions, you can choose Freedom to block websites. Open the application, pick which gateways you need to switch off, and select the period you want to remain on track. That is all there is to it: redo your experience, and, if vital, you can likewise turn on the Don’t Upset mode, which keeps you from interfering with meetings and makes it difficult to leave the application until the clock closes.


Flipd applies all that we have expressed so far to a gamification component brimming with difficulties to finish. Each time you log out, you can provoke your companions to improve by following the time you’ve saved, planning updates for your following work arrangements, and opening new rewards each time that allow you to log off from your telephone to an ever-increasing extent. In the free variant, the clock endures 30 minutes, yet assuming you open the premium application, you can stow away applications and games that occupy you for the entire day.

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