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How To Respond To A Negative Review

Negative Reviews: 10 Tips To Answer

The function of the review is part of the daily engagement of a social media manager. Interaction and involvement could distinguish you from your competitors in your customer communication relationship. Furthermore, you may discover disservices that you were unaware of and immediately take steps to resolve them. The user has the option to leave an opinion or ask questions. 

I know it’s a tool that scares anyone with a business and opens up to the online world: no one would like to review that same negative review or know that the last customer is unsatisfied. First of all, the negative review is not catastrophic unless it was a hater who wrote it, and believe me, whoever reads it recognizes it and will not give weight to his words. Customer reviews are valuable feedback for your business and for other users. They strengthen the trust of your customers. The advice for moderating a negative review also applies to comments/feedback on social networks or questions on Google My Business. 

Ten Tips For Responding To A Negative Review

  1. Keep Calm! Don’t go on the offensive or take it personally: keep your tone calm and professional, just like in a face-to-face conversation. While being emotionally involved, don’t get drawn into pointless arguments.
  2. Respond promptly to demonstrate how important the customer experience is to you. Reviews, especially the negative ones, are often abandoned; today, at least 75.8% of purchases are motivated by reading the reviews (source: Amazon). We read the lower ratings and the relative comment from the owner.
  3. Apologize only if appropriate: Respond in a conciliatory and empathetic but not accommodating way.
  4. Signature. Prove you are a natural person by signing with your name/initials. It will show that you have put yourself front and center as a “person” who transparently represents a business. 
  5. Politically correct! Do not share a reviewer’s data or attack them personally on Maps, other services, or the real world.
  6. Management. Look for feedback in reviewing contributors’ documents/messaging/testimonials and check the reviewer’s experience. Refrain from responding impulsively: you can invite the customer to write to you privately to receive more information on what happened. If you need time, inform the reviewer that you have taken charge of his report.
  7. Honesty. Answer honestly about any mistakes you make, but don’t take the blame. Use the same type of conversation as the reviewer: friendly or “her di lei” even when you realize there has been a misunderstanding or operational error.
  8. Explain clearly what you can and cannot do in this situation. Make sure to satisfy the customer with magical solutions and promises. When you complain, you need clear ideas of what you want to achieve. You are just dissatisfied. Consider asking the reviewer what might be the best way to regain trust in your business. Proposing discounts or gifts in this phase of the negative review is perceived as an “accommodation” that is not always welcome.
  9. Always thank: I always say because even positive reviews must receive feedback. Until a few years ago, a lead generation legend considered only customers with average ratings. Why? Today, awareness of the effects of a review is known: a customer who gives a 5-star rating must never be disappointed because losing it would be worth ten customers with an average rating. Stay available and don’t discriminate against your customers based on stars: remember that a 1-star review becomes more efficient than 4 with proper moderation.
  10. SEOs: Online review is vital in influencing your search engine rankings by helping your SEO strategy. Google, for example, gathers information from reviews from many sites to determine where a business will rank in search results. Facebook’s latest algorithm measures interactions following a post to increase your reach and visibility. 

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