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Some Alternatives Of Basecamp


Thanks to Agile, Scrum, or Kanban project management, stay agile and increase your chances of succeeding in your projects by keeping an eye on each process at the scale you want. Accessible from your mobile or desktop, communicate with your team in real-time, anytime: flexible and infinitely customizable, it adapts to all your needs. Create user stories and issues, plan sprints, and assign tasks to your development team.

  1. Set priorities and get full visibility to discuss your team’s work in context.
  2. Deliver your software confidently, knowing that the information you have is always up to date.
  3. Track and improve team performance by leveraging real-time visual reporting data.


Spreadsheets, endless emails, and notifications significantly hamper work and affect performance for teams of all sizes. Project assignments, tasks, and day-to-day activities are overlooked, transparency is challenged, and productivity declines. Teams have to manage this constant “overflow,” and they also need to create projects, track progress, and achieve key business goals. What is needed is a clear view of the entire process to keep everyone on the same page.

Introducing Trello: 

  1. A visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective for your team on any project in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. 
  2. * Trello is for everyone.
  3. Teams can design and customize Trello to meet their unique needs and work styles, from sales to marketing, HR to operations. And with over 100 integrations with other key tools like Google Drive, Slack, Jira, and more, Trello is a dynamic project hub for team collaboration, no matter where your work takes place.
  4. * Intuitively Simple

Go From Idea To Action In Seconds: 

  1. Trello’s main feature is organizing sticky notes on a wall. For starters, there is no cumbersome onboarding process, so group participation is made easy. Log in, join a team and immediately see the progress of all team projects.
  2. * Take the boring part out of the job
  3. * Trello brings joy to teamwork by making it seamless and easily shareable across boards and teams. Users can customize Trello (and have fun while doing it!) with features like background boards, emoji reactions, and stickers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace built into Office 365 that allows users to view and collaborate on documents directly within the app, participate in audio and video conference calls, view full chat history and email-type conversation threads, etc. Microsoft Teams can be personalized to each team, with users able to create tabs for frequently accessed documents or regularly used cloud services. 

Integrations with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, Power BI, Delve, and Planner are all available in Microsoft Teams. They can therefore access various files and collaborate on them. Integration with Skype for Business facilitates audio, and video conference calls between users. Connectors can collect notifications and updates from various third-party services, including GitHub and Twitter. Microsoft Bot Framework is also supported, helping bring intelligent bots to the team environment.


Slack is a communication app for teams. It is a transparent, centralized, and real-time enterprise social network. The application makes it possible to end the queues of emails in progress or the status updates of meetings that do not speak to everyone. It allows control of the chaos generated by internal communication and emails. Slack is a centralized application. 

It brings together all team communication and the tools and services used daily in a single workspace, representing time savings and efficiency. Finally, using Slack also increases transparency between teams: everything can be found in the same place, and notifications can be programmed according to everyone’s needs. In addition, a search tool makes it possible to find any message, document, or image regardless of the date the employee was added to the discussion group.


ClickUp is an intuitive project management and collaboration solution designed for managers and members of the developer, marketing, or sales teams. The platform has three views for managing projects, customizable task settings, and separate project filtering. Users can create custom statuses, manage multiple recipients at once, and assign comments as tasks. ClickUp’s three different project views include the following:

  1. An agile portal view designed specifically for the methodology.
  2. A board view that allows users to manage tasks using multitasking technology.
  3. A box view for a comprehensive presentation of projects classified by an assigned person or by category.

Each project can have its own set of custom statuses which can be changed, rearranged, and colored according to the user’s needs. The platform allows teams to import data from other project management applications through an exclusive automated import module that organizes projects, sections, and tasks in ClickUp. Managers can assign tasks to multiple team members at once and customize all workflows and priorities from a single settings page. Enterprise plans allow organizations to give ClickUp their custom white-label branding.

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