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The Construction Software As An Efficient All-In-One Tool

The work on the construction site is still analogue, but project and deployment planning requires a secure and efficient digital solution in the form of construction software.

Work Relief And Process Optimization At All Levels

Given the complex requirements in the implementation and organization of construction projects, many architects, construction managers, building contractors, craft businesses, and the like are asking themselves how they can position themselves for the future and optimize their processes holistically through sensitive digitization. 

With software like Flexxter, a digital construction office can be set up quickly on the PC and with mobile devices – and that is also GDPR-compliant and without investing in an additional IT infrastructure. Integrating a qualified task, planning and document management in just one platform, which simultaneously ensures communication with all those involved, represents an innovation for the construction industry and, thus, an essential basis for future competitiveness.

With This Software, Individual Programs Become Superfluous

Anyone involved in the implementation of construction projects knows such situations well enough: Unexpected problems on the construction site mess up the schedule and lead to delays. This is a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process for everyone involved. The quick and targeted exchange of all relevant information between the project participants is crucial here. Photos and notes on the individual situation and the current processing status must be available quickly. 

An attractive alternative is construction software through which all information is exchanged, and documents and documentation are seamlessly available. With this holistic project and deployment planning, problems and related follow-up costs can be avoided, and budgets and calculations can be adhered to much more reliably and easily. In the construction software from Flexxter, which is user-friendly and innovative and can be used from anywhere, projects and trades can be easily created and work steps defined. All projects are constantly in focus so that information and time are preserved. 

All orders can be controlled, and employees can also be assigned to orders and trades. Everyone involved is kept in the loop in real-time without needing phone calls. Standard mobile end devices are completely sufficient for communication. In addition, the integrated construction schedule can be easily shared via a link and time dependencies between trades can be defined by successors. The utilization and availability of employees can be viewed directly in the software, and absences such as vacation or illness can be stored. 

In this way, all those responsible have an overview of the assignments of all employees, which makes planning future construction projects easier. Thanks to the extensive rights system in Flexxter, employees can be integrated into Flexter in many ways. Everything is possible, from a simple insight into the assigned assignments and the possibility of communication to access a full range of functions. There is also the option of giving employees access via mobile phone number if they do not have an email address.

Only One Application – Also For The Integration Of Partner Companies And Subcontractors

Partner companies and subcontractors can be found and requested directly in Flexxter or integrated via email, making the planning and organization of construction projects easier. Operating resources such as vehicles, machines, and maintenance can also be reliably planned. Documents can be sorted into folders and are easily accessible via document management, and tasks are also quickly stored. In Flexxter, this is stored directly in the trade. Storing documents in a targeted manner makes information available quickly and easily. Deadlines and detailed service descriptions, such as painting 150 square meters of wall space, can be recorded just as easily as the ongoing completion status.

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