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How To Write A Compelling Product Sheet For Your E-Commerce

Publishing e-commerce is one of the most exciting and, at the same time, complex challenges. You have hundreds of tasks and problems to solve when you create your website to sell. But one point that draws my attention as a freelance web writer: is how to write a product sheet. Interesting, right? For anyone involved in copywriting, the answer is obvious. But this point should be at the center of the interests of many professionals.

For example, those who deal with SEO because you know well that the text is connected with the excellent optimization of a web page. Even those who work with the user experience are brought into play. Without forgetting the whole universe that revolves around Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), which represents a decisive investment to evaluate the ROI. Namely the Return Of Investment. And so, between acronyms and various English terms, how do you write a compelling product sheet for e-commerce? Here is my experience.

Beware Of Tab Meta Tags

The first mistake made in e-commerce tabs: ignoring web page meta tags. Remembering the title tag (not officially a meta tag, I know) is central to SEO optimization. Especially when working in large shops, you need to pay attention to creating good meta descriptions. So what’s your job? How to write a winning e-commerce card? First, you must focus on working on these strings of micro-contents that are decisive for search engines. Also, remember that the combination of title tag and meta description can do a lot in terms of click-through rate and influence the number of people who visit your resources. How? Mentioning discounts, benefits, and free shipping.

Do Not Copy Text From Official Descriptions

The second step that needs to be noticed by those who deal with texts for e-commerce: is duplicate texts. Especially when entering technical information about household appliances, for example, or complex equipment, there is a tendency to copy the essential texts provided by the parent company. Result? All with the same content, and this is where Google wands. Remember that you are not decisive if you do nothing but enter sterile numbers and data. Investments in terms of copywriting are not lacking when you decide to create e-commerce, do you know? Does this turn into a demanding job for the web writer? Partly yes, in the sense that you need to rewrite and synthesize what can be helpful. But it’s a job to deal with.

Work On Micro-Content

If a part of the product sheet is based on a good balance between visuals and copy, it must be said that the web writer must pay close attention to micro-content. Like those concerning SEO, in addition to title tags and meta descriptions, you have to take care of everything related to SEO for images. Then file name, alternative text, caption, and title. It does not end here. Think of the texts you can insert in the buttons for the calls to action that lead to the cart: a minimal variation is enough to obtain different results. This is why teamwork is essential. How to write a practical product sheet? Working with A/B tests and varying details to find the right combination.

Don’t Lose Your Tone Of Voice

When you write your e-commerce profile, keep sight of the tone of voice of your company and that of the customer. You need to work on different content. You can be more technical or light-hearted than what you’ve done elsewhere. You have to maintain the linearity of the project in these resources and be recognizable.

You Play Everything Above The Fold

The top of the e-commerce tab is decisive. Here you have to insert what makes the difference and which can convince the public to choose your solution. What are the points that make the difference? There are typical elements of persuasive copywriting that can help you. Any concrete examples?

  1. Concrete advantages.
  2. Discounts with strikethrough prices
  3. Call to action near the buttons.
  4. Ratings and testimonials.

Of course, many changes are based on the product and the service. E-commerce like Zalando can be concise and focus entirely on good-quality images. On the other hand, those who sell a complex asset must be able to explain what can make a difference in a small space. Often in the cards, you can download the PDF with all the technical characteristics, which is an excellent solution to avoid wasting time in the above-the-fold. But there is a point to underline with strength and conviction: you risk making people leave the page you have optimized. The PDF must be downloaded without disturbing navigation. Work on short sentences, simple concepts, and clear signals to convince the prospective buyer. Short paragraphs and bulleted lists help the eye move without friction in this delicate part of the product sheet.

Streamline And Organize Text

Usually, we think in terms of length and follow a now clear rule: Google loves long content. Or rather, he prefers texts that embrace a broad research intent with all its nuances. It no longer makes sense to target a single keyword, but you must work with a wider range of keywords. This leads to following the rule of abundance. It must be a monitored activity because more than writing is needed to obtain good results. This is even more true and correct in an e-commerce form, where extra text can become an obstacle to purchase. In the above the fold, I insert a few data:

  1. Title of the product or service.
  2. Short description.
  3. Shipping details.
  4. Price and payment details.
  5. Availability of what you are buying.

Is there any other data to add? Under the fold, under the first scrolling of the mouse, there is room to give some more explanations. You also need to evaluate the possibility of inserting decisive elements to optimize readability. Such as tabs and buttons for inserting hidden text. So you can avoid unnecessary reading. The rule to follow is this: lightness, not dryness. Remove what is not needed without demeaning.

How To Write A Product Sheet?

Here you will find the steps to write an e-commerce product sheet that can solve the essential points of your project. Optimizing your sales processes ensures every action moves towards your crucial objective: to sell. It takes a lot of work. There needs to be more to get the desired result. It is only enough to create a good product sheet: the work on e-commerce is long and complex. This is only a tiny part, the one that concerns the excellent writing of texts. Do you want to add something?

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