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How To Use The SFR And OK SFR Voice Commands?

Before, we managed our box and our television with our fingertips. But now, many actions can be controlled by voice. At SFR, the remote control supplied with the box is equipped with a Voice Control button, while the SFR Box 8 is fitted with the SFR voice assistant for even greater ease. Here’s how to use them. Until a few years ago, changing channels or performing actions using the suitable old buttons on the remote control was only possible. 

Or the television buttons involved moving from the sofa, which could give rise to many conflicts, family or romantic. But for some time, connected objects have become increasingly numerous in homes and have democratized a new method of use: voice control. Thus, a Voice Control button allows you to use the voice command on the remote control provided by SFR with the Internet boxes, while the SFR Box 8 directly embeds an efficient voice assistant.

How To Use The SFR Voice Remote

On the remote control provided by SFR, below the directional control pad (with the arrows), there is a button decorated with a microphone logo. This is the Voice Control, in other words, the voice command. By keeping it pressed, the voice search is displayed, and all you have to do is state your search to trigger an action: “RMC Sport,” “Turn on BFMTV,” “Launch MTV,” or even “Open Netflix” are all commands which your SFR box will understand. 

Once the words have been spoken, you only have to release the button, and the requested action will take place in seconds. Very practical, this function makes it possible, in particular, to launch channels whose numbering has yet to be discovered. If you want to watch a Champions League game, you know it’s showing on beIN SPORTS 6, but you need to see the channel number. No worries with the voice command: say what you want to get it a bit like the genie of a lamp.

How To Use The SFR Voice Assistant

Even easier to use because it does not require using the Voice Control button, the SFR voice assistant embedded in the SFR Box 8. This, like Google’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, responds to each action requested. To request it, you have to avoid doing like Patrick Bruel and breaking your voice, and don’t forget to start your instructions with “OK SFR.” This interpellation will allow him to understand that it is indeed him that you are soliciting. 

You will therefore have to say sentences like “OK SFR, launch RMC Sport,” “OK SFR, turn up the volume,” or even “OK SFR, go back.” Note that the SFR voice assistant works when the television is off, such as listening to the radio via the SFR Box 8. A little trick to discover everything: by saying, “OK, SFR, help me,” the voice assistant will show you the different commands available. Once again, a real little genius is no longer in a lamp but a Box.

One Button To Control Them All

Just above the numeric keypad used to zap, on the right, a button with a microphone as a pictogram appears on the remote control delivered with the ADSL or Fiber boxes from SFR. Very practical. It allows you to activate the voice command. By leaving a finger pressed on it, it is thus possible to pass several orders, such as zap, start a recording, pause a program (thanks to live control), open applications (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, RMC Sport…), access the settings or even explore the TV Guide or the “Now on TV.” Zapping is no longer done at your fingertips but within earshot.

Another option still too little known but yet very useful and possible via voice command: put a channel in PIP (Picture in Picture) and be able to change capsules. This allows you to watch a second program at the same time on your screen and to switch from one to the other instantly. Ideal for breaking the monotony of advertising breaks, watching the news while waiting for the start of your program, or making your multiplex if two football matches interest you are playing simultaneously on RMC Sport or be IN SPORTS. 

And to use it, you don’t need to say “OK SFR” every time. Hold down the button and choose the verb you want. “Turn on BFM,” “launch Netflix,” and “record the match on RMC Sport”: in fact, the voice command identifies many keywords to trigger its actions and understand your requests. And once the order has been placed, all you have to do is watch what you want.

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