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How To Create And Earn With Podcasts

Podcasts are a widespread communication tool: here’s what you need to know to create one and start earning. In the era of social networks where images and videos are the masters, podcasts have found a space to emerge. The name comes from the crisis of iPod and broadcasting, becoming in 2005 the word of the year for the New Oxford dictionary, which understood its importance. 

To date, many versions of podcasts are available to be listened to on ad hoc platforms such as Spotify. Even the issues they deal with are the most diverse: they range from podcasts on current events, others focused on sector issues, and again there are “crimes”, which retrace detective stories and crime news. If listeners are constantly growing, those who create podcasts are also increasing. So here’s an ebook to find out what podcasts are, how to create one and how to start making money.

What Are Podcasts

Podcasts are audio content divided into episodes digitally recorded and published on the Internet using dedicated platforms. Users can easily listen to them from different devices: smartphones, tablets, computers or intelligent displays. The birth of this format began at the end of the nineties, but to push on their diffusion was the distribution of the Internet network and, above all, the introduction of portable mp3 players, such as the famous Apple iPod from which they take their name. The consecration occurred in 2014 when podcasting became a mass phenomenon in the United States with Serial, a live broadcast that followed a murder case. Since then, they have diversified by theme and story, and the growth trend has never stopped.

How To Create A Podcast

Undoubtedly, the first step in creating a podcast is to find a topic of interest to your listeners. The second is to have the right tools to record vocals and edit episodes, such as a computer, a good microphone, and voice recording and editing software. Finally, you have to choose the best platform to share your podcasts based on your audience.

How To Make Money With Podcasts

Podcasts allow their creators to make money in several ways. You can choose between finding sponsorships, to which you can dedicate paid advertising spaces, or asking your listeners for a contribution through payment links. For example, fans can donate with PayPal to support their favorite podcaster.

When Is It Worth Making Money With A Podcast?

The more listeners/subscribers you have, the more you can earn. With Patreon/Steady, affiliate marketing and your products, you have to consider that only a fraction of the users are willing to spend money. This is often only 5-10%. Of course, it makes a difference whether 5% of 1,000 or 5% of 10,000 listeners click on an affiliate link and buy something. It’s a little different with advertising since it’s about the broad reach (i.e. the number of listeners). But here, too, more is better, although you must have a reasonably homogeneous audience. 

In my experience, finding advertisers is much easier when you have listeners interested in the same topic. As a result, the advertising customer has no waste. So it’s better to have 1,000 listeners interested in precisely one podcast topic than 2,000 interested in very different things. For this reason, it is also better to only cover one issue in your podcast and not many different ones. My board games podcast is all about that and not about cars, cooking and movies. In general, however, there is no minimum limit to start with. Installing affiliate links or going on Patreon with 40 listeners is not worth installing. You better take your time and build up a more extensive audience first. Then you can always start making money later, and it will work.

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