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Guide To Promoting Your Mobile Application

In the jungle of mobile applications, whether on iOS or Android, it is important to give better permeability to your application to stand apart more readily from your rivals. Here is a manual for advancing your versatile application with General Advancement Missions. Find the various goals and conceivable promotion arrangements to update your iOS and Android versatile applications.

How Do Universal Mobile App Promotion Campaigns Work?

You don’t need to create multiple individual advertisements for widespread portable application crusades with Google Promotions. Your promotions are made straightforwardly from the message you have entered on the show page of your application but, at the same time, depending on a predefined financial plan. Subsequently, the significance of enough referring to your portable application. What’s more, you can pick the language and the geological region worried by your advertisements, so you should rest assured that your center interest group is straightforwardly impacted, saving investment for your business.

What Are The Goals Of Universal Mobile App Promotion Campaigns?

The main objective of Google Ads is to allow you to create a single advertising campaign while reaching a large but targeted audience who would be likely to be interested in your mobile application. Universal App Promotion campaigns fit your budget and goals perfectly. It’s up to you to choose the number of installations you want from users. Still, it’s also possible to go further by selecting the number of actions you want Internet users to perform in your application. Here are the two goals you can achieve with Universal App Campaigns :

Purpose Of App Download And Install

Here again, you can choose between three different tracking modes: firebase, Google Play, or even third-party app Analytics. When you select this type of objective for your universal promotion campaign, you focus on growing your mobile application’s users.

Purpose Of Installation And Action In The Application

Thanks to conversion tracking, you will have a clear idea of ​​the number of Internet users who, in addition to downloading your application, use all of its features. You can manage all tracking settings to understand user behavior in detail. Again, you decide what install and in-app action goals you want for your mobile app.

What Are The Ad Formats For Universal Mobile App Campaigns?

For The Google Search Network

When you use the Google search network, your ad is displayed in Google results and on partner sites that say advertising. The Google Ads search network aims to create keywords based on the following:

  1. Your app’s description page
  2. The category of your mobile application
  3. The search terms that brought people to your App in Google Play

It is not a question of trying to understand the terms used by Internet users but of reusing them to make them keywords when searching for your application.

For The Google Display Network

When you use the Google display network, your ad is displayed in the Gmail application, in all applications, and on partner websites of the Google advertising network. Your ad is created in particular thanks to your application’s icon and all other relevant descriptions taken from your description page.

In The Google Play

A similar scheme is implemented in Google Play since your ads are highlighted to users who consult or search for applications similar to yours. Again, this allows you to directly reach your core target without spending too much energy or money.

On Youtube

The same logic is also used in the YouTube application. This is to present targeted ads to Internet users on your mobile application. Here again, the objective is to give the Internet user the precise application he needs at the appropriate time and thus increase the number of downloads of your application.

Conclusion Of Our Guide To Promoting Your Mobile Application

With universal promotion campaigns, you can manage your core target and know the behavior of each of your users precisely and thus adapt your strategy according to them. Google Ads offers an effective tool to make the most of your mobile application.

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