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CRM Marketing: Helpful Software And Tools

Relationships have assumed an increasingly central role in the development of corporate business. Precisely for this reason, more and more companies have found the need to manage their contacts optimally. The goal of this new contact management approach is to ensure a unique experience that is more in line with the requirements of the target: people need to be involved, educated and supported in the sales process.  What Should I do? A solution to the new needs of companies, especially those who intend to establish a concrete and solid relationship with their customers, is CRM Marketing

What is it about? CRM software can help companies organize their data optimally while providing valuable tools for tracking and analyzing any reaction generated by registered contacts. The current market has various types. These differ in particular aspects, although the ultimate goal remains the same: to encourage sales, increase productivity and support the development of new marketing activities. But the question is: is there an optimal solution to reconcile these needs? Yes, more than one. 

CRM Marketing: The Most Recommended Software

Hub Spot

In the field of CRM concerning marketing and sales activities, Hubspot undoubtedly represents the most suitable tool for planning, controlling and managing everything concerning the relationship with leads and prospects. An ideal solution designed to streamline sales processes, manage contacts and track leads. 

In all of this, the possibility of setting up automatic workflows is fundamental, prioritizing inbound activities, which have now become priorities in the lead generation process.  The tools available to HubSpot allow you to collect valid information quickly and securely from any contact entered in the database. This is due to its ability to keep track of all interactions through emails, social media, phone calls and meetings, integrating seamlessly with the tools already used by the company. 


It offers a good customer management solution, which is suitable for both small and large businesses. Zoho’s unified customer CRM includes a variety of operations, even the most specific, which can be placed in order of preference. An important point in favor of Zoho is the adaptability of the software with other platforms: MailChimp to Google Apps, ConstantContact, CloudWork and QuickBooks.  

Active Campaign

Originally it was a platform entirely (and solely) dedicated to email marketing. Subsequently, Active campaign integrated marketing automation and CRM tools. Its ease of use allows you to speed up the workflow planning process, managing to keep track of the entire flow that connects all the contents of your site and emails with the relative phases of the lead generation process. 


A further alternative is represented by Microsoft Dynamics, which, providing a complete end-to-end approach for business applications, allows you to unify data obtained from tracking user activities and potential and existing relationships. The same package includes modules: Dynamic 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Finance Operations for Enterprises, Marketing, Retail, Talent, and Project Service Automation. 


Mainly known for sending emails and newsletters, Mailchimp is software available to everyone as its interface is simple and intuitive. This platform is mainly based on campaigns, i.e. single emails sent to contact lists, allowing you to save leads and label them according to specific segments. It also allows you to structure A / B tests to understand which email has recorded the best performances. 


For those who have e-commerce, Drip ECRM can be an optimal solution. This tool exploits the power of an email Service Provider (ESP), allowing greater focus on the customer than a traditional CRM. The three vital points of the software are:

  1. The collection of new contacts through pop-ups.
  2. The creation of commercial emails.
  3. Segmentation and tracking user behavior on pages.

HubSpot’s CRM: How Does It Work?

Once an overview of the leading CRM Marketing software has been carried out, it is necessary to focus on HubSpot: the ideal ally to reconcile all marketing actions aimed at prospects and leads. Today, it has become essential for companies to have a system that brings together all the information regarding the interactions with each individual contact in a single container. Hubspot’s flexibility allows for the fusion and synergy of its three founding nuclei: CRM, Sales and Marketing. 

Each module can be used separately or combined with others. In this way, the advantages of the software affect not only the Buyer Journey of the customers but also with a view to sharing of information between the teams of the same company. The correct use of the platform is undoubtedly encouraged by its simplicity of use: the intuitive interface and the possibility of filtering your searches, and selecting the fields of interest, allow you to rationalize the information and not get lost in the digital and automated abyss. 

Even the communication itself is declined based on the results obtained so that it is coherent and contingent on the prospects’ paths. By combining the various tools provided by Hubspot, from email tracking to the inbox profile to prospect records, the company can use the information deduced from the data to send engaging and personalized messages. 

HubSpot’s Top Business Tools

Getting to the heart of the tools made available by Hubspot, we can distinguish the different features based on the module of interest: 

  1. Marketing Tool: forms, email marketing, ad management, landing pages, shared emails;
  2. Sales Tool: live chat, basic bot, team email, calls;
  3. Service Tool: ticketing, email scheduling, live chat, calling, shared mail;
  4. Operation Tool: data and history synchronization; pre-defined field mapping. Marketplace app integrations, contact management.

Digital Dictionary Is A HubSpot Platinum Partner

The history of the Digital Dictionary is constantly evolving. The methodological rigor and the search for the most innovative technologies that Digital Transformation has produced have led us to select partners such as HubSpot, the all-in-one platform for inbound processes related to marketing, communication, sales and customer service.

We are happy to have achieved  Platinum recognition and proud to have succeeded in such a difficult historical moment. This only confirms what we have always known: ours is a team of valuable, close-knit people who work with passion! What changes from Gold to Platinum status? For our customers, nothing: it is an additional recognition that rewards our commitment to the inbound platform and confirms our seriousness,  skills and development direction of technologies at the service of managerial companies.

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