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Fix My Speaker | A Step-by-Step Guide [2024]

Fix My Speaker is an app that helps repair the smartphone’s speaker by playing a high-frequency, ultra-low tone (165 Hz) to clear out any water buildup. A clever solution to the problem of water and dust getting into the speakers of any iPhone or Android device. People could have lost the phone when it fell into a watery grave. After getting the phone wet, the water will spray out of the speakers.

  • To fix my speaker, we have enhanced the sound volume produced when water and dust are ejected.
  • No Apps or Special Speaker Cleaning Equipment Needed.
  • Sound for Drying and Cleaning the Phone’s Speakers, Including Models 7 and Up.

The Mechanisms Of Action

As soon as people touch the Eject Water button, the Fix My Speaker online app will play a succession of tones to flush out any remaining water in the smartphone’s speakers, allowing people to use the Android or iPhone as usual. The web app employs the same water ejection sound featured on the Apple Watch. The speakers are programmed to produce high-frequency sound waves that will expel water.

Remove Dust & Water From Any Phone’s Speaker

If water or dust gets into the phone’s speaker, people can use removable water & dust to remove it.

The Effects Of Submerging A Cell Phone In Water & The Chances Of Getting Damage

The phone’s port, jack, and speaker will fill with water if it falls into a body of water. When water enters the circuits of a phone that is not waterproof, it causes a short, and eventually, the phone fails. Corrosion from its circuits is the result of inaction. The sooner people take action, the less harm.

  • Folks must turn the phone off right away.
  • Shake the gadget gently.
  • Put the device in rice or a sealed container and bury it.
  • People can get the water out of the phone’s speakers by using the Fix My Speaker web application.

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The Best Ways To Determine If Any Smart Phone Is Waterproof & Dustproof

  • The Ingress Protection code, or IP rating, is used to rank the water resistance of electronic devices. The IP rating of a gadget indicates how well it protects its internal components from dust and water.
  • There are two digits in an IP rating. The first denotes resistance to dry particles like dust, whereas the second shows resistance to wet ones like water.
  • An IP68 certification indicates that the phone is completely protected against dust, grime, and sand (solid objects) and can withstand immersion in up to a meter of water (liquids).
  • Both the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 13 have an IP68 classification, making them both dustproof and waterproof. Despite what the IP designation suggests, most smartphones are not water-resistant, so if people drop them in the pool, they are in for a world of hurt. Corrosion from the salt in seas and swimming pools can be expensive to fix or replace.

Remove The Moisture From The Phone’s Speakers

Time and care are required to completely dry the gadget, making this the most challenging process. Here are the first things people should do to dry out the phone’s speaker.

Attempt To Dry Outer Surface

To swiftly remove the moisture from the device, use a microfiber cloth or other suitable material. If people drop the phone in liquid, people can wipe off the outside with a cotton towel and keep the speakers working well. Ensure the gadget moves as little as possible while drying it off gently.

Get Rid Of The Dust Particles With A Vacuum

Here’s what people can do if the phone’s speaker gets damaged by water. People can use a vacuum cleaner to help people remove moisture from the phone’s speakers. People must switch to a low-power mode that can readily allow people to exit the water. Do your best to avoid transferring the water further into the cavity from the phone’s movement.

To Dry An Android Phone’s Speaker After A Spill

It is by far the most challenging part of the process. Waiting for the phone to dry thoroughly is a lengthy process at this stage. Cell phones can be damaged by direct sunlight, so although people can charge them outside a window, keeping them out of the sun is best. As we mentioned before, putting it inside a ziplock bag containing rice is another option for finding the right solution to fixing my speakers.

Precautions To Take While Dealing With A Water-Damaged Phone

Before attending a pool party, people must take the necessary safety precautions. But if people drop it in the water by mistake, here’s what to do immediately.

  • Please refrain from turning the device back on if people can.
  • Dry off the whole area using a microfiber cloth. To get rid of the accumulated moisture, rub it around the crevices and nooks.
  • Do not charge anything by plugging it in; doing so risks causing a short circuit.
  • Avoid using a blow dryer or other method to force air into the gadget before people open it.

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Avoid These Mistakes After Dropping Any Smartphone In Water

When their phone dies, most people worry and keep trying to turn it on or charge it. There are plenty of ways to make things worse for themself. If people accidentally drop their phone in the water, here’s what people should not do.

  • People do more harm than good by trying to power on the phone at this point. Short circuits caused by water can destroy the phone’s central processing unit and other electronic components.
  • Unplug the charger
  • Pressing any keys, including volume, can drive water globules trapped behind rubber into the phone, causing even more harm.
  • A similar mechanism causes water to be pushed into the phone when people blow into the water. Stop doing that and see how long you can go without using the phone before people have to take it in for repairs. Please stop doing that and give the phone a break before bringing it in for service.
  • Calm down, and do not use a hair dryer or anything else that generates heat on the phone. Also, this could end up breaking the gadget.
  • If people drop the phone in water, do not shake it; instead, bring it to the nearest Carlcare facility as soon as possible so that folks can wipe the water out of the speaker.

Clean The Phone’s Speaker With Fix My Speaker!

A water removal sound can be played using Fix My Speaker, a web browser software that can help clean and fix the phone’s speaker. When people hit a button, the phone will play a unique piece of water removal audio designed to produce sound waves that will force dust & water out of the speaker. Even more worrying is that charging a damp iPhone or Android smartphone can cause severe fires.


Cell phone damage can halt all day’s key activities because it is integral to daily life. If people drop the phone in the water, people risk damaging the speaker and losing the ability to hear incoming calls. We’ve provided some advice on quickly drying the phone speaker.


Can anyone download Fix My Speaker if it is not already on my phone?

No. We like to think of it as a trick, but the sound of water being ejected into the air does the trick. The speaker on the phone can be cleaned and dried by playing any audio sound with a matching pitch and volume. Quite a few people additionally use it as a kind of “Fix My Speaker” solution.

Whose brainchild is it to create a website called “Fix My Speaker?”

The Apple Watch is designed to shoot water in this direction. Several manufacturers have developed equivalent or superior products. Neither our phone cleaner nor our “Fix My Speaker” software is 100% unique.

Why not create a mobile app if Fix My Speaker is genuinely effective?

There is a chance that we can. We made Phone Cleaner in two hours since we believed our Fix My Speaker workaround could be helpful for sure. If there are other benefits, such as the ability to clean and dry phone speakers, we will undoubtedly consider creating an actual app.

Can water-damaged headphones be revived by soaking them in rice?

If the phone’s speaker has been damaged by water, the tried-and-true method of placing it on a bed of rice can restore proper function. Put the gadget in rice if it was just submerged in water for a brief period. However, this strategy won’t work for dealing with any other harm.

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