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What Is Nest Airwave & The Top Energy-Saving Methods

Nest Airwave is a feature of the Nest thermostat, can increase the efficiency of air conditioning. It means that the AC compressor is turned off. However, the HVAC fan continues to work, so even more cooling can be achieved. Although the air conditioning is switched off, chilly air will still stream through the car’s vents due to Airwave.

The Nest Thermostat’s Airwave feature shuts off the air conditioner’s compressors while keeping the fan running, pushing air over the still cold compressor coils. The airwave system is triggered when a home’s relative humidity drops low enough. This option allows Nest thermostat owners to save money and improve their quality of life.

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Save Money On Heating, Energy & Cooling With The Nest Airwave!

The furnace air is heated using natural gas burners, often seen in HVAC systems with a built-in cooktop burner. An outside condenser & compressor system receives heat from home’s indoors via a refrigerant-filled closed system in the summer. The refrigerant circulates via a coil in the air conditioner, which removes heat from the building.

The coil of the ventilation unit is often located just above the oven’s fan. Even though the house’s blower is making a noise, the airflow it is pushing about is doing much good. The Nest thermostat employs the concept of using airwaves to conserve energy.

The Way The Nest Airwave Works

The nest airwave function is designed to make use of the fact that the air conditioning unit compressor & blower motor have different power needs. The Nest airwave function switches off the compressor when it is supposed to conserve energy.

Because of this, consumers will save money on their utility bills, and the air conditioning system will work better. Even when the compressor is turned off, the fan circulates hot air through the cold wave to maximize the cooling effect of something like the already-cooled AC coil. Energy is saved since the condenser is not required.

Setting Up The Nest Airwave

The Generation E and Generation 3 Nest thermostats can be used with the Nest Airwave function. Nest Airwave can be installed on a thermostat by following these steps.

  • When configuring a thermostat, customers must first download and install the app, then configure the thermostat.
  • Folks can find the gear-shaped settings icon in the app’s upper right corner. People can access the nest settings by opening the nest and clicking on the settings button.
  • At the bottom of the screen, choose the Airwave menu option.
  • To enable or disable the nest airwave, drag the menu button.

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Helps People Save Electricity in Three Ways

Our definitive guide to cutting-edge home technology includes these three lesser-known but valuable Nest features that users can take advantage of. They’re all here in no particular order.

Set The Nest Airwave Temperature Using IFTTT To Match The Current Weather Conditions Out In The World

Folks can use a Nest Smart Thermostat to guarantee that the home is always at the correct temperature. These recipes could come in handy if people live in a location prone to rapid temperature changes. Whenever the temperature outdoors falls below the desired degree of comfort, Users can use weather’s external temperature data and available custom settings to automate any home’s interior temperature settings.

Helps People Save Money & Energy With Nest Auto-Tune Solutions

When it comes to home automation, the nest is an industry leader, so the firm knows how important it is to maximize energy efficiency. Rush Hour Rewards and Seasonal Savings will be implemented as part of a new program dubbed “Automatic Adjustment Technology.” Nest Airwave Periodic Conservation Program automatically adjusts the home’s temperature throughout the day when users are not there (sleeping, early in the morning, and more).

Utilize Airwave Integration To Save Energy When Operating Air-Conditioning

To acquire a few more cold moments, Nest’s Airwave uses the chilling interval after its compressor has been turned off to operate the air conditioning fan. Users with central air-conditioning will only be able to utilize this feature since Nest Airwave leverages the physical design of a central air conditioner.


The second thermodynamics rule applies whenever the compressor fan forces air over the cooling coils. Air that passes through the compressor coils is cooled as it flows through. It is essential to keep in mind that the electric power used by the fan is lower than that of the compressor.


An air conditioner cannot function without its compressor, which might be considered its heart. In addition, per the second rule of Newton’s theory, all metal compressor coils are cooled by a refrigerant while in operation. Even after the compressor has been turned off and allowed time to cool down on its own, the waves will continue to have an abnormally low temperature.

Essential To Have AC To Understand Airwaves!

The air conditioner’s compressor and fan are the two biggest energy hogs. The fan only uses a tiny fraction of the electricity required by the compressor. Other thermostats turn off the air conditioning when the temperature has been reached. Cold air will continue to be produced for 5 to 10 minutes after the compressor has been turned off due to the compressor coils being active. Airwave, a Nest-only innovation, takes advantage of this principle. When the compressor gets cold, Airwave employs a fan to force air over the coils instead of turning off the air conditioner. Because it is so essential for these airwaves to function appropriately, the nest includes one with every device.


What is the mechanism through which Nest Airwave operates?

Immediately after turning off the compressor, the nest tests its cooling capacity. To conserve money, the nest will turn off the compressor when it is not in use.

Is using Airwave at home possible?

For this system to operate well, the home must have low humidity. It will perform an entire cooling cycle unless the humidity level in the nest is high enough to promote mold growth. This approach can be used everywhere, even in places with high humidity, but it won’t work if there’s dampness in the room.

Are Airwave available 24 hours a day?

The nest automatically activates Airwave when the interior moisture level drops below a predetermined threshold. It is the level that the nest believes is optimal for the residence. When Airwave is turned on, it appears on the nest’s display.

How much money can Nest Airwave save people on the power bills?

Nest Airwave can help consumers save energy throughout the hot months. Any electrical system is most susceptible to overload at this time of day. It is possible to reduce annual energy use by 10-15% by installing a smart thermostat. Nest Airwave allows users to further reduce the network’s total power consumption during times of high demand.


Utilizing the cutting-edge technology offered by Nest Airwave can make HVAC systems more energy-efficient while also lowering their overall carbon impact. When the Airwave function is activated, consumers will continue to get cool air from the vents even if their air conditioner is not actively working. The Airwave feature uses a fan to distribute the cold air. Investing in a Nest Thermostat is a fantastic way to reduce the environmental and financial effects while lowering the carbon footprint.

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