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Digital Marketing Strategies: What Will The Cookieless Era Be?

Tools and skills will be essential for building customized, distinctive, data-driven Digital Marketing strategies. Live Streaming Commerce, Social Commerce, what’s more, new virtual spaces and channels, yet devices to be tried and perceived to propose specific proposals regarding items and administrations. These are the new chances to assemble creative and information-driven Computerized Advertising systems in the post-treat time.

Netcomm Forecasts The Evolution Of Digital Marketing Strategies

In the context of growth in Internet Advertising, which in 2022 reached a value of over 4.4 billion euros, marketing today is a perplexing framework wherein it is essential to quickly jump all over the chances presented by the different touchpoints and take on a personalization viewpoint to address the issues of buyers who are progressively mindful and leaned to invest their energy looking for things of premium on the web.

Hunting For Information Online: The Portrait Of The Multi-Channel Consumer

In recent years, the purchasing path has changed profoundly, and new behaviors have emerged, increasingly associated with Generation Z: consumers today are more aware, demanding, and multi-channel. Online has become one of the preferential channels for collecting information on products and brands, data guiding purchasing choices. Consumers spend more and more time searching online and respond positively to customized communications, products, and services. 

The result is an increasingly articulated and multi-channel customer journey characterized by activating online and offline touchpoints. All this has substantial repercussions on digital marketing strategies, which prove to be effective the more they diversify and master the means, exploiting their specificities and creating personalized experiences.

The Whole Company Is Marketing: A Complex System

From this point of view, it is evident that the whole company constitutes a marketing system where every aspect contributes to building and consolidating the reputation. Each touchpoint must be conceived as a marketing tool and, consequently, taken care of to accompany the consumer in all aspects of his purchase journey. In this context, marketing must give a punctual, prompt, and personalized response, optimizing communication investments with increasingly sophisticated and flexible tools that can meet the needs of a rapidly evolving sector.

Digital Marketing In The Era Of Uncertainty: Challenges And Opportunities

If we look at the general picture, an uncertain context emerges deriving from various factors, first of all, the slowdown in the growth of online purchases, stabilizing after the boom of the two pandemic years. Digital Marketing is experiencing a situation of further uncertainty. On the one hand, the progressive abandonment of third-party cookies and the increase in attention to privacy limit the possibility of profiling the consumer with traditional methods; on the other hand, the increase in digital costs poses new questions on the competitive context of the sector.

At the same time, however, new digital communication channels and tools are emerging: Live Streaming Commerce, Social Commerce, and the first metaverses, with a consequent increase in the complexity of designing personalized digital experiences in digital marketing strategies. These methods and channels are often still in the testing phase and with rules that are not yet well defined but which will be decisive in the coming years for creating distinctive marketing solutions, leveraging Big Data and Marketing Automation innovations to optimize investments and increase the conversion rate. These are concepts shared by most of the companies in the sector, which consider budget increases as a priority (71% think it fundamental) and the development of skills and the team (indicated by 64%).

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