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How To Use Social Media To Promote An Event

Social media is the most effective way to promote an event. However, there are some essential points on which attention needs to be focused. Let’s see them together. Suppose you want to advertise a special event in your shop. In that case, a course in a beauty center, a book presentation, a musical event in your pub or restaurant, a children’s activity in a toy shop or any other event such as the anniversary of your opening business, social media is an essential tool. What Should I do? Here are the basic steps:

Acquire Audiences

If you want to promote an event on social media, your goal must be to acquire an audience. To do this, the message must adopt the correct and captivating language. In this, you will capture the attention of an audience interested in your services or products. A statement that is too long and too rich in detail can be boring for the reader. The text, on the other hand, must be short, describing the salient points of the event in a few words, thus enticing you to participate.

How To Use Social Media To Promote An Event

Instagram stories are an almost obligatory step if your event is suitable to be promoted on this social network. To do this, you can use the ” countdown ” sticker that allows you to set the date and time of the event, starting a countdown that will attract your users’ attention.

Create The Event On Facebook

It will be essential to create the event on Facebook, enter the place and times and describe how everything will take place. Remember to invite all your contacts and get it around as much as possible.

An Event Page On Facebook

You can also create a Facebook page dedicated exclusively to the event. Here you will be able to enter images and the details your audience needs to participate. You can also tag official guest, sponsor or speaker pages. In addition, you will be able to publish posts that increase the curiosity and suspense of your followers.

Create Curiosity

The goal is to create curiosity in the reader, thus enticing them to participate. With stories and posts, you can tease your users’ attention by revealing only a few details at a time and creating a certain suspense. Another exciting idea is to create a hashtag to get the event’s name around as much as possible and make the posts dedicated to your event easily findable.

Interaction With The Public

Never leave out interacting with your audience. Those interested in the event may have questions to ask. A kind and quick response will be essential and will make the user feel important.

“Behind The Scenes”

Another aspect that can prove to be important in attracting new potential users interested in your event is to take care of the contents ” behind the scenes “, revealing only a few details of the event at a time through photos or videos, but without anticipating too much.


Creating sponsorships for the event is essential to attract new users. Pay attention to the target and geolocation. For example, if your event will be in Turin, avoid targeting an audience in Rome or Palermo, but concentrate on Turin and its province.

During The Event

When the event is underway, you can make stories or live broadcasts to make the web participate in the most salient moments. You can make your guests or participants protagonists of the stories. Coverage of live events represents an essential building block to engage your users in real-time.

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