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6 Cool New iPhone 14 Hacks To Try

The iPhone 14 has a powerful piece of hardware from top to bottom. This is no surprise to Apple fans, as they have come to expect a wide array of features from each year’s flagship device. You also get to choose from all the wonderful accessories, such as iPhone 14 pro cases and MagSafe chargers. However, there is always more you can do that goes beyond the standard functionality of your phone. Here are several hacks you can try that will completely transform your mobile experience.

Best iPhone 14 Features (Overview)

Each year, Apple introduces an inventory of new features. One of these features is enhanced satellite connectivity, which allows you to make emergency calls from anywhere in the world. While users must subscribe to the service, you will have an added layer of protection while exploring all areas of the globe. Additional safety features include an impact sensor that can determine if you were in a car crash; it can call for help on your behalf.

The cameras have also improved in the iPhone 14. This year’s focus was on better performance in dimly lit environments. Maximum zoom and resolution have also been boosted. Power-saving functionality allows you to view key details, such as the time of your text messages, without needing to unlock your device. A new feature is called the Dynamic Island. This is essentially a smaller second screen near the top of the display that allows you to view important notifications without interrupting your current task.

Hack 1. Edit or Delete Your iMessages

This long-awaited chat feature is finally available on iOS 16. We have all sent a message that we instantly wanted to change or outright delete before the recipient looked at what you wrote. Now you can do just that with conversations you have in iMessages. Long press any message you want to alter until an options menu pops up. Select Edit to bring up the text field and change your communication. Tap Undo Send if you wish to revoke your message entirely. Keep in mind that the recipient must also have iOS 16 installed on their device for this trick to work.

Hack 2. Try a Liquid Screen Protector

Sustainability is an important topic to consider in the modern age of rapidly consuming products that are difficult to dispose of properly. You can reduce the strain on the environment by using sustainable phone accessories, such as a liquid screen protector. Each bottle contains enough protector fluid to apply on up to three different phones. Once the liquid hardens around your display, it proves just as durable as the standard plastic sheets used by most screen protection solutions.

Hack 3. Disable or Schedule the Always-on Display

While the Always On Display is a great new feature of the iPhone 14, you may not want your screen activated 24/7. Whether you wish to further conserve your battery or just want to get some sleep at night, you can adjust how often the Always On Display is presented. In your display and brightness settings, look for the Always On Display. You can turn it off completely or schedule a time during the night when it automatically stops to help you get some rest.

Hack 4. Enhance Videos With Action Mode

A hidden feature in your camera settings allows you to steady the camera while recording fast or erratic activity. This feature is called Action mode and is disabled by default. To turn it on, open the camera app and select video settings. Tap the Action mode button on the right side of the screen. A notification will appear to confirm you activated Action mode correctly. Now when focusing on a scene with lots of movement, your iPhone will automatically compensate and stabilize the image. You can also disable this feature by returning to the same menu and tapping the Action mode button again.

Hack 5. Leave Apps Running To Preserve Battery Life

This tip sounds counterintuitive at first, but leaving your apps running can actually save you battery life over the course of the day. This is because booting up each app requires more energy than simply leaving your tabs in rest mode. This is the same principle that applies to your car. The battery expends quite a bit of juice to start your engine compared to when you leave the vehicle running.

Hack 6. Use a Light Blink To Check Notifications

You can set up your camera to intermittently flash when you have a new notification. This is great for reducing the number of times you need to unlock your device each day just to check for notifications. In the general settings tab, click on Accessibility. In the Audio/Visual section, tap on LED Flash for Alerts to view several sliders. Move the top slider to the on position by dragging the dot into the green. You can also turn on blink notifications while the phone is silent via the second slider on this screen.

Don’t Forget the Basics

As cool as the above hacks can be, it is important to stay in touch with the fundamentals of phone maintenance and protection. Be sure to purchase an iPhone 14 case and screen protector as soon as possible. At night, turn off your phone, so the software can reset. Never allow the battery to deplete fully before charging it. By putting in these simple best practices, your iPhone will last longer and perform better during its lifespan.

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