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Xresolver | The Resolution System For The PlayStation & Xbox In 2024

Xresolver – Want to convert the Xbox and PS4 Gamertag or Username to an abbreviated IP address? Therefore, users should look for a system that allows for modifying Usernames with gamer tags. Marketbillion has always selected the finest of the rest in this era of technology and the internet. After some searching, we came across the one-of-a-kind “xresolver” platform, which enables users to change their format to something like a Short form.

Know About The Xresolver

Xresolver is a web-based service that changes Xbox and PlayStation player IDs and usernames into their conventional IP form. Passwords and game IDs are protected from cybercriminals in a unique vault. According to its website, it can help connect gamers’ Gamertags with their real-world IP addresses. It uses bots to collect information from Xbox Live profiles, including user names, IP addresses, and Internet service providers. By doing so, users not only put themself at risk of hackers and DDoS assaults, but users can also learn whether or not a player is a hacker.

The data that was leaked was previously available to the public. Hence it was not unlawful to release it. However, the value of this knowledge depends on how it is put to work.

If users pay a service fee, they will unblock the Gamertag and delete any additional personal data they have on file for users. Such a strategy is not suggested.

A Brief Description Of Xresolver

Xresolver was launched in 2017 as a website compatible with both the Xbox and PlayStation gaming platforms. Users are given the option to alter their gamer tags or aliases on Xbox and PlayStation. IP Logger, Storage, PSN Username, Phone Lookup, IP checker & Nmap Port Scan are some of the other capabilities.

  • 241,586 Users Have Signed Up So Far
  • 1,168 Active Users
  • 24 735 431 records in the database

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Different Ways That People Can Make Use Of Xresolver

Xresolver UI is original and intuitive, making it an excellent choice for novice users. With xresolver, the developer aimed for a minimalistic interface. Using xresolver requires zero effort. If users have run into trouble when trying to utilize xresolver, please read the below steps.

  • Visit the https://xresolver.com/ website.
  • Pick if users instead use Xbox Resolver or PlayStation.
  • Xbox Gamertags can be updated by entering the “IP address” for the new console.
  • Xbox gamer tag to IP address lookup is as easy as entering “Xbox gamer tag.”
  • The last step is to click the “Resolve” button.

Once resolved, let me clarify to users both procedures are the same to utilize. Because when users input Username and then click on resolution, it instantly turns further into IP form. When users input an Xbox Gamertag, the format automatically switches to IP.

Know How To Get Off The BlackList

In case users instead do not use the xresolver server anymore, users can disable it. When users are removed from the resolver’s blocklist, all of the information has been deleted from the server. As a result, users will be safe from malicious hackers and other outsiders’ assaults.

  • To begin, users will attempt to conceal the “IP address.”
  • Users must contact the Internet service provider (ISP) to change the IP address.
  • Keep away from strange gatherings and be wary of strangers users do not know well.
  • This strategy lets users keep the IP address private when accessing Sony and Microsoft’s services.

Sign Up For Xresolver & Unlock Its Full Potential

Here is it if people have not yet found a tutorial on how to join up for xresolver & utilize its services.

  • Enter https://xresolver.com into the browser to access the official site.
  • To register, choose the “Registration” menu item
  • Supply identifying information such as Username and Email Address.
  • Type in the “password,” then type it again to confirm it in the “Password confirmation” field.
  • Complete the registration process by clicking the “Register” button.
  • Folks can only access xresolver full features after completing the registration process.

Log in using the “sign-in” button instead of registering for a new account if users are existing registered users of xresolver.

Alternatives That Are Better Than Xresolver

A backup plan exists in the form of the internet’s abundance of IP address-collecting websites. These other options will let users continue gaming without interruption from hackers. Here are a few of the available choices:


If users play on Xbox, this site can steal the opponents’ IP addresses and force them to disconnect, giving users a decisive advantage. It coordinates layer four and layer seven assaults to knock users offline. Accessing an opponent’s IP address and following the site’s instructions is a simple way to kick them from the game.

PS4 Booter

This PS4 booter guide will tell users how to force someone offline using the PS4 system. It also serves as a tutorial on how to set up and operate a virtual private network (VPN) on a PlayStation 4. IP addresses to PS4 users are grabbed, pulled, and booted using the same technique as Xboxonebooter.

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Lanc Remastered PCPS

Free and accessible on PC, Xbox, and PSN, Lancashire PCPS is an IP grabber and resolver. Any username or Gamertag can be resolved by looking it up in their database. Because it is already online, finding this data is not prohibited.


Modifying the game’s IP address does not need jailbreaking or any other kind of illegal hacking. In addition to being compatible with VPNs, it works on any gaming console. They provide quick activation after purchase and give 20 dollars lifetime support that folks can pay for using Visa, bitcoins, or PayPal.

IP Location Finder

This simple website displays the IP address in plain text and provides search queries for hosts, IP addresses, and websites through a bar in the upper left corner. Location data such as time zone, coordinates, and Internet service provider (ISP) are shown. People can find IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6) depending on the IP address.


Using the search bar to look for Gamertags, their algorithms make it possible to rapidly share Xbox videos and images with other players. The IP address and geographical location are two examples of supplementary data that are readily accessible. Free and open-source, the website has a wide selection of games.

Safety Measures For Xresolver

Due to the prevalence of easily obtained IP addresses and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or booting assaults, real-world security precautions are required even while playing a video game. To avoid falling into the Force’s evil side, remember these guidelines:

  • Safe online gaming is possible with a VPN and some knowledge on how to mask one’s IP address.
  • Healthy competition requires vigilance in the form of regular Gamertag checks.
  • Do not ever pay a fee to have the Gamertag unblocked or removed from a blocklist. Remember that even if one website decides to erase this data, there is no guarantee that another will not.


The gaming community uses Gamertags to track who is connected to a particular Internet Protocol address. These websites harvest user IP addresses when they are online gaming since it is readily accessible. After that, it is uploaded to their databases, where hackers can find it. Since the IP address reveals the location, the network becomes vulnerable to distributed denial of service assaults. Most of the time, gamers had to pay to get their IP addresses blocklisted from these sites so they could play without fear of assault.

Frequently Asked Questions About xResolver

The xresolver is a tool for what?

With xresolver, the Gamertags and usernames are safe from prying eyes and malicious hackers on the web. xresolver is a simple tool for translating Xbox and PS usernames and Gamertags to their corresponding IP addresses.

Is xresolver against the law?

Anybody with the right technological tools can trace the IP address. Therefore xresolver is a must-have for protecting itself from hackers and other malicious parties. In contrast, xresolver can be used to safeguard intellectual property. It is the only method to keep the progress in the game private.

How Did the xResolver Team Get Started?

Xresolver.com, which Tucows Domains Inc. has renewed for another year, will finally expire in 2024. The domain is over two years old. In addition, the Octosniff team developed xresolver as a side project.

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