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Is Ark Cross-Platform: Supports Multiple Platforms & Anyone Can Play

Is Ark cross-platform? Ark: Survival Evolved has been popular for a considerable time. Linux, macOS, Windows, Xbox One & Playstation 4 got it first in 2017. In 2018, it hit Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. It is a survival game on a dangerous island teeming with dinosaurs and other perils. When it comes to Ark, many people wonder whether it will be compatible with several platforms by the year 2022.

In this post, we will see whether Ark: Survival Evolved supports cross-platform co-op gaming with pals. And now users are about to discover the solution! When a game is “cross-platform,” it implies that users of various devices can connect and play together. Playing with a buddy using a PC while users are using an Xbox One is possible.

Quick Start Guide To Ark Cross-Platform

In Ark: Survival Evolved, users collaborate in a massive virtual world to outmaneuver swarms of dinosaurs and dozens of other gamers. More than a hundred weapons to choose from and 176 unique dinosaurs to fight. Due to the internet, the game’s popularity will rise, prompting the developers to roll out more servers to accommodate players worldwide.

Is Ark Cross-Platform Accessible On Multiple Platforms

Players on different console generations can play Ark: Survival Evolved together, but there is no genuine cross-play; players can only play with others with the same system. It precludes playing with someone with a PC plus Xbox but not a PS4 or Xbox One. Only players on iOS and Android, or Xbox and PC, can play together in a single gaming session.

Features Of Ark

Action-adventure MMO Ark: Survival Evolved tasks players with surviving on a foreboding island. Expect to hunt, leap, tame, and ride the numerous colourful animals in this game. As users explore this unique environment, users will have the opportunity to construct a mobile home base on their backs.

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Is Ark Cross-Platform Compatible With All Platforms In 2024

There is both good and terrible news. Like any decent storyteller, we will start with the best character. Please read on as the solution is at hand. Simple, direct, and to the point; only one statement. The answer is here, and we both agree that It is a letdown. The reality is that this is an intricate problem. People must consider many criteria before deciding whether to allow cross-play with a buddy. To that end, we have all the information users need to know to play Ark on several platforms.

Cross-platform gaming has various advantages, such as:

  • One of the most significant benefits is that it reduces the time and effort required to support multiple platforms and consoles in a single game version.
  • The increased number of players on each server enhances the quality of play.
  • When more individuals are available to play with them, It is simpler to attract new gamers and keep the ones users already have.
  • A cross-platform game increases the developer’s chances of attracting players who use other platforms but are already familiar with them.
  • It cuts production time so players can expect updates faster than with games made for a single system. Thus, most players desire Ark Survival to be cross-platform so they can compete fairly with those using other methods.

Know More About The Many Platforms That Ark Supports

Are Android & iOS Versions of Ark Available?

Ark Survival is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones to answer the question. If users are playing on Android, users can easily switch over to iOS and continue the game. Users can play with a buddy using an Android smartphone by switching to an iOS device. Those who own an Android handset but have pals who use iOS will be relieved to hear this.

Can Anyone play Ark on both Xbox One and PC?

Ark: Survival Evolved can be played on both the Xbox One and the Windows 10 PC. It allows gamers on the Xbox One & Windows 10 or 11 PC to play together.

Does Ark Work on Both Xbox & PS4?

Folks cannot play the Ark video game on other consoles due to its lack of cross-platform compatibility. All game versions are platform-specific, so users must purchase one copy for each system on which users want to play. As it has not received any upgrades to help it operate better on these platforms, it has not had its official debut on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

Can Anyone play Ark on my PS4, PS5 & PC?

As of this writing, there has been no confirmation that Ark will support play on both PS4 and PC. So to play Ark on both PS4 and PC, users must purchase both game versions.

Can Anyone play Ark on both my Xbox & smartphone device, or not?

Not at this time, unfortunately. Ark is not compatible with Xbox or Mobile. Android-based mobile devices are portable, but Microsoft’s Xbox console is built on the Windows operating system. Due to the extensive reworking of the core programming that folks would require, there are currently no plans to make Ark compatible with both Xbox and Mobile.

Does Ark Work on Both PS5 & Mobile Devices?

Ark is not available on PS5 and mobile devices simultaneously. The reason is that Android devices run a different version of PHP than the PlayStation Network (PSN).

Can Anyone play Ark on Both PS4 & Nintendo Switch?

There is a resounding “NO” to this inquiry. Since Sony & Nintendo are rivals, and their respective consoles employ distinct internal design principles, Ark is not cross-platform across PS4 & Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, Ark is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.

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Future Prospects: Is Ark Cross-platform Saved?

When will Ark support several platforms simultaneously? The concept of cross-play is gaining traction, and with good reason. No developer can afford to ignore the need for cross-platform online multiplayer functionality for very long, especially as social computing & social gaming emerge as the following big things in the computer industry. A new version, Ark 2, is also in the works, according to the official website.


Ark: Survival Evolved can be played on various platforms, including iOS, Xbox One, Android & Windows PC. It lacks cross-capabilities that would make it less annoying than similar games. As more data becomes available, we will add it to this post. We hope this answers the question “is ark cross-platform in 2024?” for users.


Is Ark compatible with several operating systems?

Ark is only compatible with gamers on iOS, Android, Xbox & Windows PC. Users will need to purchase Ark on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch if users want to play it on any of those systems.

Will Ark support several platforms in 2024?

The game’s creators will have to decide. Cross-platform support is optional, and some developers can opt out. Still, users never know whether they will choose that path, so it wouldn’t hurt to give Ark a go.

How can One play Ark with a buddy who uses a different system?

Users will need to acquire Ark on both platforms if users and a buddy both use a separate one and wish to play together. It will make it possible for users to play on the same server without hassle.

Is there a specific reason why gamers want Ark’s portability?

Players agree that making Ark cross-platform will vastly enhance the game for everyone. In addition to making it simpler to recruit new people, it would also help keep the ones users already have around.

Is cross-progression guaranteed in games that work on several platforms?

Users can not compare cross-platform with cross-progress. If a game is cross-platform, it implies that players from various platforms can compete against one another. If a game supports cross-progression, then progress on one platform can be carried over to another.

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