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Why Sell On Facebook Marketplace?

Find out how to integrate the social platform into your marketing strategy and reach your customers everywhere, even on vacation. Since 2017 Facebook Marketplace has started the climb to become one of the most important online sales platforms globally. Today, four years later, over a billion users have decided to live this sales experience and the number of stores registered on the platform exceeds one million. 

Thanks to the pandemic, the boom in online sales does not seem to stop. Consumers continue to prefer e-commerce over physical stores for their purchases. In this panorama, for entrepreneurs like you, Facebook Marketplace becomes an exciting possibility to expand the business and an indispensable resource to be able to reach the public in any place and at any time.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a tool for acquiring new contacts through special customer care. It was developed to help entrepreneurs connect with their audiences and sell their products. It allows you to manage the sale directly and simply from the first contact with the user to the conversion into a customer. 

How To Activate And Start Selling On Facebook Marketplace?

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is very simple, with just a few clicks. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. log into the platform 
  2. Click on “sell something.”
  3. type the product name
  4. upload a product image
  5. enter a detailed description
  6. choose the category 
  7. publish the announcement.

It is vital to make sure that your images, product descriptions, and your ad’s title are consistent. Facebook Marketplace protects consumers from possible scams so that an inaccuracy could block the ads. 

What Are The Benefits Of Selling On Facebook Marketplace?

As you have seen, selling a product on Facebook Marketplace is very quick and easy.  If you continue to wonder if this tool could be helpful for your business, you should know that the platform offers many other advantages for entrepreneurs. Let’s see some of them together.

Create An Online Showcase For Your Business

Becoming a seller on Facebook Marketplace also means having an online store. If you do not have the opportunity to invest time and money in e-commerce, or you are in a phase of evaluating the most suitable tools for your business, you can try Facebook Marketplace. This platform represents the right compromise to manage an online offer and, at the same time, have meager investment costs. As a seller, you can manage your products on a shop on the company page on Facebook. From this showcase, your customers will be able to see the products, and the ads, interact with you and buy directly.

Reach A Large Audience And Increase Your Notoriety

There are almost two billion active accounts on Facebook, a community with constant growth that shows no signs of stopping. Most users access the Marketplace section to check offers and items for sale several times a day. These consumers represent a hot, already purchase-oriented, and motivated audience. Using this platform, you can grab their attention and be able to reach a large number of people with a double advantage: 

  1. sell with ease 
  2. give visibility to the brand and increase the awareness of your brand.

Intercept your customers with ease

Do you want to focus on a niche of people or a local audience? With this tool, even in the sponsorship phase, you can: 

  1. promote your offer, as happens on Facebook, 
  2. create a personalized audience based on interests and personal and geographical indications. 

In this way, you will be able to intercept customers interested in your product and wherever they are, even on vacation!

Gain Credibility With Customer Care

Customer care is essential to retain your customers. Answering your audience’s doubts right away helps you win them over. The online business market is high-speed, and just a moment or a carelessness is enough to give a slice of the public to competitors. Being consistently present for customers is crucial to ensure an optimal shopping experience and demonstrating reliability, competence, and seriousness. 

Through the Facebook Marketplace platform, you can not only sell your products, but you can also communicate with consumers using Messenger. Thus, responding to requests from users interested in purchasing will be much easier and faster. Please note that based on your response speed and user ratings, Facebook Marketplace can deliver two public awards:

  1. “high reactivity” badge: Show everyone your promptness in resolving customer doubts and answering their questions.
  2. “Community recommended” badge: Certify community appreciation. The more you can curate your customers’ shopping experience, the higher their rating will be, improving your reputation. 

Having these two badges on your profile increases your trustworthiness and increases the chances of being chosen by new users.

Use Chatbot Technology Always To Be There, Even When Not Around

Nobody, not even the most workaholic entrepreneurs, can stay on the phone or computer 24 hours a day. Are you worried that customers are not getting the proper attention during your holidays, breaks, or free time? Do not worry; Facebook Messenger has thought of everything and has included the possibility of using Chatbots. You can use them to answer frequently asked questions and set up follow-up messages that are sent whenever a customer contacts you.

Manage Orders Without Stress

Marketplace provides some tools to improve the selling and buying experience. It simplifies the management of online orders. Among these tools, we find:

  1. purchase on the site
  2. notifications of confirmation of shipment
  3. automatic management of sales tax
  4. direct payment of earnings.

How To Integrate Facebook Marketplace Into Your Marketing Strategy?

All the features of Facebook Marketplace and serving to simplify the selling and buying experience can also be used to your advantage when building a marketing strategy. Every action on social media is recorded, and for this reason, interactions with any content can be measured. You can use these measurements to shape several possibilities on the business side:

  1. find new audiences to test prices, promotions, and new products
  2. manage the sell-out phase quickly and easily
  3. do lead generation and increase traffic to your e-commerce.

As we have already said before, taking advantage of the Facebook Marketplace sales space allows you to get in touch with a vast pool of users ready to buy. Let’s look at these three opportunities to grow your business.

Finding New Audiences To Test New Products

You can use this large audience to find new outlets for your business and try to hook your business to a new stream of customers. You can also leverage these users to test new products and prices and understand how the public reacts. Based on the analysis of the interactions, you will understand if your product can be good and is ready to be placed on the market or not.

Facilitate The Sell-Out Phase

If you find yourself in a situation where your product has finished its cycle, you have reached your marketing objectives, and you need to enter the sell-out phase to empty all the warehouses with the last pieces, you can simplify this process by making a sale right on Marketplace. Your warehouses will be empty in no time.

Get Leads And Increase Site Traffic

To get leads for your campaigns with Facebook Marketplace, you have two alternative two ways: 

  1. keep all sales contacts and use them later for email marketing
  2. use your sponsored goals. 

In fact, during the promotion creation phase, you can choose between different objectives, one of these is precisely that of Generating contacts. By setting it, your customers will be oriented to give you information such as email and telephone numbers so that you can contact them again. 

If you think that increasing visits to your e-commerce is more important for your business, you can set the “traffic” goal and redirect your audience to your online shop. Remember that taking care of your customers is also essential, whatever your sales goals are. Facebook Marketplace can help you do it better and effortlessly. Try using it to build your low-cost online marketing strategy and reach your audience at all times.

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