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Marketplace: A Facebook Platform For Sales & Purchases B/W Individuals

What Is A Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a new section of the Facebook social network that allows individuals to enter sales announcements and, in turn, to buy from other individuals by negotiating with each other through Messenger chat. The Marketplace has a simple and intuitive operation. It is unnecessary to download another application or set up a new account since it is simply a section dedicated to eCommerce within the social network.

How Does It Work For Sale?

Once you are on, you will have to scroll in the column on the left in the desktop version, click on the Marketplace section, and then on the blue bar at the top right where it says “+ sell something.” A window will open on the screen with the fields to be filled in to put the item on sale. In order, you will have to add the name of the thing you want to sell, its price, the place where it should be withdrawn after the negotiation, the category to which it belongs (clothing, furniture, antiques, real estate, objects for babies and children, etc …).

One or more photos and possibly a more detailed description of the product, but the latter is an optional field. With a few simple steps you can publish your ad. In case of second thoughts or errors, Marketplace will allow you to delete or modify your advertisement at any time. Once the uploaded item has been sold, mark it as sold to notify those who surf that it is no longer available for purchase.

How Does It Work For Purchase?

If, on the other hand, you want to consult the sales announcements uploaded by other users because you are looking for a specific item and you hope to find it at a reasonable price, you will have to go to the purchase section on the left bar and select the category of your interest, e.g., vehicles and bicycles. This will open the page containing both advertisements for cars and bikes, but the system will allow you to insert filters to narrow the field to what interests you. 

If there is an item you like but don’t want to buy right away, you can keep an eye on it by saving it so you can find it more efficiently during future searches. An interesting aspect is that Marketplace gives you the ability to keep track of your purchases and chat exchanges with sellers. Remember that you must be of legal age to be able to buy and sell on the Marketplace.

What You Can Sell

The Marketplace has not imposed any particular restrictions on the sale of products, except for illegal items such as drugs, weapons, alcohol, animals, and adult items.

For Possible Problems

In cases of abuse and scams, reporting them on Facebook is simple. Click on the link to find it either on the item page or the seller’s / buyer’s profile on Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is not a similar platform to eBay as it does not involve monetary transactions. 

It could be classified more as a showcase of products. Once they find the item of interest, the seller and his potential buyer exchange messages on the Messenger chat to decide where to meet and agree on a payment method. The Marketplace is also available on the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android. To access it, click on the kiosk icon located in the center of the main menu bar.

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