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Why Does My Xiaomi Phone Turn Off By Itself?

The issue of Xiaomi telephones switching off in any event when charged has, as of late, drawn much consideration on the web. The peculiarity of Xiaomi closing somewhere around itself can cause the accompanying side effects:

  1. The telephone, out of nowhere, has a dark screen.
  2. The power drops quickly.
  3. The telephone abruptly closes down during use.

In addition to the fact that this issue influences the client experience, it can likewise abbreviate the telephone’s battery duration. This article will present the programmed closure of Xiaomi telephones, the arrangement, and how to forestall it.

Why Does My Phone Turn Itself Off And On Again?

Xiaomi phones are always a hot topic of discussion. Xiaomi Pro 2 problems are one of the hottest topics. Many problems can cause Xiaomi phones to shut down automatically. Here are some possible causes.

  1. Battery Failure: When your phone battery fails, it can cause your Xiaomi phone to shut down automatically.
  2. Charger issues: Using the wrong or faulty charger can cause Xiaomi to turn itself on and off.
  3. System Issues: Xiaomi phones may have bugs or errors in the system, which can cause the auto shut-off issue.
  4. Application issues: Some applications can cause your Xiaomi phone to shut down automatically, especially malicious applications.

3 Solutions To Fix Xiaomi Turns Off By Itself

It can frequently happen that Xiaomi switches itself off. For instance, a few clients report on stages devoted to the local area. While playing an application, the telephone out of nowhere switches off, or Xiaomi switches off during calls. Very much a migraine, without a doubt! However, dread not. We have summed up four simple to-follow answers for you.

Check And Replace The Battery

If your Xiaomi telephone closes somewhere near itself, it may be because of a drained or harmed battery. Clients can look at the strength of the battery in the settings. The battery might require supplanting if it is dead and done working or its well-being is low.

Fix Xiaomi Problems With Reiboot For Android

Assuming you have a Xiaomi that closes somewhere near itself and won’t turn on, I suggest utilizing Tenorshare Reiboot for Android. This product can fix over 150 Android telephone issues and assist you with fixing issues with your Xiaomi rapidly!

Here are the guidelines for every one of the moves toward using it:

  1. Download and introduce ReiBoot for Android on your PC.
  2. Download, introduce, and run ReiBoot for Android on your PC. The interface of your concerned gadget to your PC and snap [Repair Android system].

Note: On the off chance that you haven’t done as such, you should empower USB Troubleshooting on your gadget. It’s basic. You’ll find many aides for each Android maker on the product site. Click [Repair Now] to proceed. The interface of ReiBoot for Android Pro is very pleasant and minimal. Simply click [Repair Now] to begin fixing your frozen Android gadget. It won’t turn on. 

The touch screen isn’t working, or some other programming issue. Select gadget data. Download the firmware bundle. After entering the data about your Android gadget and clicking [Next], the fitting firmware bundle will be downloaded. Begin the Android framework fix. When the firmware bundle is downloaded to your PC, click [Repair Now] to begin the maintenance interaction.

Reset Your Phone

Turn on your phone and go to System Settings.

  1. Click on the “Memory” option.
  2. Locate the “Internal Storage” option and click on it.
  3. Find the “Factory Reset” option and click on it.
  4. Select the “Factory Reset” option.
  5. Wait for the phone to complete the factory reset process, which may take a few minutes.

Note: Make sure the developer option is not enabled on your phone before doing a factory reset. You must reinstall the operating system if the developer option is enabled before the factory reset.

Preventing The Xiaomi Phone Turns Off By Itself Is A Problem

Some tips can be implemented to avoid problems like Xiaomi shutting down during calls. Some precautions for daily use are:

  1. Avoid using your phone for long periods, especially in hot environments.
  2. Avoid overloading or excessively discharging your phone.
  3. Regularly clean your phone’s junk files to free up memory space.

Other maintenance tips:

  1. Regularly check your phone battery and replace it in time.
  2. Install system updates regularly to keep your phone up to date.
  3. Regularly clean the phone interface to avoid the accumulation of dust that can affect its use.

Hope these tips can help you to prevent Xiaomi Pro 2 problems.


Xiaomi phones are popular among young people, but there can be some snags. If in the future you encounter problems like a Xiaomi phone turning off by itself or you just want to know how to turn off Xiaomi, then read this article! In any case, we recommend Tenorshare Reiboot for Android, it’s a great helper for Android phones, and we are sure it won’t disappoint you.

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