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WhatsApp Changes, Reactions To Messages: How They Work

The social turning point of the platform is served. Within a few days after the expected update, all users can experience the new function. After announcing the Community function, WhatsApp takes a further step towards the social universe with another essential novelty. The instant messaging platform has introduced the possibility of inserting reactions with emojis directly to content and messages exchanged in chat, according to a mechanism identical to that envisaged, for example, by Facebook starting in 2016. The new feature was announced in mid-April, but to get to the actual release, we had to go through technical times that were, all in all, contained.

How Many And Which Reactions Can Be Put?

Six emojis will be available for the reactions: the raised thumb, the red heart, the laughing face with tears in its eyes, the amazed expression, the sad one and, finally, the clasped hands. The latter emoji is widely used to indicate prayer, but in reality, it is a sort of “high five” designed to say “thank you”, widely used in other countries.

How To Put Reactions To Messages

As mentioned, the reaction can be entered in the same way as Facebook. Please select a message, holding it down for at least one second, and a drop-down string will appear with the six reactions supplied. Therefore, the user must choose one and then release the finger. The mechanism will be the same for both Android and iPhone devices. Once the reaction has been chosen and sent, the message’s author will automatically receive a notification informing him in real time. Like all other WhatsApp notifications, the notification will be visible at the interface level.

When Is It Possible To React To Messages?

Recently, users have increased dramatically by asking when the reactions on WhatsApp will finally be available. A doubt is fueled by the fact that some devices already offer the opportunity because they have already experienced the update. Meta, the company that controls WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, estimates that the expected update will be available this week to more than 2 billion users who use the application daily worldwide. It will therefore be a question of a gradual and not immediate and contemporary diffusion for everyone. The situation should standardize within a few days. “The reactions to the messages arrive on WhatsApp starting today,” the owner of Meta declared on May 5th.

What Are Reactions?

As was the case for Facebook and WhatsApp, the question has returned: what are the reactions? Communication habits have been revolutionized by the arrival of social media and have evolved with the platforms’ evolution. Also and above all, about the timing of publication and response. Reactions represent a more practical and immediate system to indicate approval or other of a message received without bothering to send a reply message, perhaps containing only an emoji. 

Especially Instagram has endorsed the now widespread habit of “closing” chat conversations with a “heart” reaction to the last message. The function is handy in group chats to reduce the number of messages exchanged and “react” more easily to content the participants sent (even much) earlier. Six reactions will be available on WhatsApp: all the most classic ones, from the heart to the angry face to the surprised or smiling one. 

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