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What Is The Magnifying Screen For Mobile, & Where To Find?

They project phone images onto larger surfaces, without batteries or electricity, at a low price. But they are not for everyone. Even though smartphone screens are getting bigger, their contents may not necessarily be visible to everyone. The magnifying screen for mobile is a type of product aimed precisely at this category of people – with vision problems or who want to see photos and videos more comfortably on the phone screen.

These gadgets reproduce the same contents in real-time on a larger surface. Before launching headlong into purchasing one of these products, however, it is better to understand how they work and to whom they can be helpful.

How A Magnifying Screen For Mobile Works

Also called screen amplifiers, the products are all similar and quite simple in construction. A pedestal is attached to a base that holds the phone in horizontal orientation. At the same time, a few centimeters away stands a rectangular transparent plastic panel, which can be folded along the ground when the gadget is not in use. The board is a Fresnel lens, a magnifying glass designed to have a minimum bulk in terms of thickness and which can therefore take the form of a thin sheet of plastic. 

The component offers an enlarged image of everything behind it. At the same time, the distance of the pedestal reserved for the smartphone is calculated to ensure that the screen is in focus by the viewer from the opposite side of the lens. The result is an enlarged projection of the images on the phone, which assumes up to 3-4 times their original size.

Who Needs It

Taking advantage of a simple principle of physics, the magnifying screen does not need electricity to operate, nor does it need connecting cables for secondary screens. These accessories offer enlarged images of movies, TV series and photographs. Still, you can also use them to navigate more easily on websites or inside the phone, as long as you keep it horizontal. On the other hand, they are not recommended products for everyone. 

Their experience is limited in size (the most extensive panels measure 14 inches diagonally) and especially in image quality. First, since we are dealing with images enlarged by a lens, the resolution tends to decrease, showing the screen’s pixels that act as a source; moreover, the Fresnel lenses are divided into concentric rings, which remain visible in the projection of the contents.

The Types Of Screen Amplifier

Knowing what you will buy, however, these are incredibly cheap products that allow you to enjoy the contents of your phone a little better in complete relaxation, for example, sitting on the sofa without having to bring the smartphone to your eyes. There are various types on the market, from those designed to cost as little as possible to gadgets with Bluetooth speakers and built-in batteries to amplify the phone’s sound; we have chosen some of the most popular for each category.

Comely Magnifier With Loudspeaker

In addition to a 12-inch magnifying panel, this model boasts a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in rechargeable battery. The audio quality of the device is not excellent, but the solution helps to hear better if you decide to move further away from the phone.

Topics Closed Chamber Enlarger

This solution offers a closed chamber for image projection at the expense of a larger footprint. The device settles at the bottom of an extendable box. It, therefore, remains in the dark so that the lens only captures and magnifies the phone’s contents and not everything around it, eliminating potential disturbances and reflections. The diagonal of the panel, in this case, is 12 inches.

Pedestal With Newseego Enlarger

A 2-in-1 product with a design different from the other gadgets in the category. At the base of the product, there is a pedestal that can usually be used as a standard smartphone stand; the magnifying panel is 12 inches diagonal and can be hung on top of the base to hang it from above in front of the phone.

LLM Wooden Enlarger

The cheapest offer also has a certain elegance. Made of wood, it has a pedestal that unrolls when closed, protecting the magnifying panel. The diagonal is 12 inches.

Stream 12 Or 14-Inch Magnifier

One of the most popular products in the category on Amazon boasts a decidedly basic yet functional design, with a magnifying panel that, instead of simply folding on the base, can be slid inside it in a particular cavity that protects it from accidental scratches. In addition to the 12-inch screen model, you can buy the larger variant with a 14-inch diagonal. 

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