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What Are The Best Platforms To Host Your Videos?

Have you made a few videos to promote your site or your activity? You will quickly realize that you will have to choose a video platform to host your visual creation. The first option is to have a server. However, this solution may pose some technical problems, mainly if many Internet users connect simultaneously. Another alternative is to use a specialized video platform: Viméo, Brightcove, JW Player, Vidyard, and, of course, the essential YouTube. The choice is vast, and here we present the advantages of the major video platforms to help you make the right choice.

YouTube, Increase Your Traffic

YouTube is the leading video platform on the internet. Every second, no less than two hours of videos are shared. For e-commerce businesses, VSEs, and SMEs, YouTube is a fantastic opportunity for advertising. Hosting is free, and with a base of more than a billion YouTubers, you quickly understand that you have one of the most efficient internet channels for increasing your audience. However, having good traffic on your YouTube video channel requires SEO optimizations and an optimized presentation in order to encourage viewing.

Some SEO Guidelines To Follow

A few good reflexes will allow your YouTube video to gain visibility and, therefore, have better traffic.

  1. Share on social media.
  2. Create a thumbnail for your video. Google will use it to showcase your creation.
  3. Make a long description of your content on YouTube and optimize the page (h1, h2, h3, tag, title, etc.).
  4. Optimize the video link with keywords.

JW Player, A Solution Suitable For Professionals

JW Player is a video platform that offers an exceptional level of customization. This is why many web professionals appreciate it so much. Indeed, JW Player provides a multitude of services, such as live streaming, advertising management, and RMTP, and it is HTML5 compatible. JW Player is available for free access or with a paid subscription. The reader integrates very quickly with the WordPress CMS, and the large user community represents real support.

Vimeo Protects Your Videos With A Password

Vimeo is a video platform that was created in 2004. Very quickly, this hosting service specializes in cinematographic and artistic videos. Like YouTube, Viméo allows you to put your productions online completely free of charge. But if you represent a company, you will need to subscribe to a professional account.

Viméo is a platform that works by giving a significant place to the quality of the films offered. Several rules of use for hosted video must be understood to get off to a good start. For example, videos with images of games or other images not created by the author are prohibited. Unless you have opted for a paid professional account, Be careful on Vimeo; all uncreated content must have publication permissions.

At first glance, the Vimeo video platform presents some constraints for businesses compared to other hosting solutions like YouTube, for example. But the severity of Vimeo is also a guarantee of quality. In other words, if you host your videos on this platform, visitors will know that your production is necessarily of high quality. On the technical side, Vimeo is also interesting and offers several particularly useful services:

  1. Configuring access to video content
  2. Password-protected videos
  3. Possibility of grafting your company logo;
  4. Playlist Creation
  5. Creation of a website with your own videos and a choice of domain name.

What You Need To Remember About The Viméo Video Platform

The Vimeo hosting platform is an excellent choice for streaming artistic and creative videos. Upstream, the site administrators systematically sort the productions and carefully check the rules of proper use. This usage policy ensures a level of quality that is significantly higher than other video platforms. 

Here are no compilations of Simpsons or thousands of cute dogs; goodbye to videos of laughing babies. Productions are on Vimeo to exist and not to be consumed. By coming to Vimeo, the user knows in advance that the content offered is of high quality. However, at the same time, you can use another video platform to bypass the limits imposed by Vimeo.

Brightcove, Develop A Video Library

Brightcove, of American origin, is the undisputed leader in cloud hosting for video streaming on all types of connected objects and devices. The story of Brightcove began in 2004. It is a significant player in the field of internet video. The company’s award-winning services, unrivalled technologies, and massive ecosystem of people help tens of thousands of businesses around the world.

Brightcove For High-Quality Video

Brightcove is a particularly effective solution for business marketing communications. After creating your video, simply upload the video, and Brightcove will take care, thanks to its high technological mastery, of converting your production in order to broadcast it in optimal quality. The Video Cloud service arranges your video, making different renderings for each file.

Brightcove supports absolutely all formats. This solution allows broadcasting on almost all platforms, favoring MPEG-DASH and HLS video streams. Note that HLS broadcasts are systematically optimized. Customers also have the option of using Brightcove’s HTML player to stream HLS to their PC. The Video Cloud tool also allows streaming with an adaptive bitrate. This technological feature ensures a comfortable reading experience.

Vidyard And Hubspot Generate Leads Directly

Vidyard is a marketing and business-oriented video hosting platform. It is mainly used in a B2B context and ultimately represents a relevant solution for generating leads. In addition to basic hosting functions, this platform offers to optimize your creations with interactive technologies in order to encourage calls to action.

Embed Videos In Your HubSpot Blog

Vidyard has developed a solution that allows blog owner HubSpot to embed videos with calls to action. They can be added to all pages of your blog. FYI, every blogger who wants to insert video content on Hubspot must use the Hubspot Video feature. HubSpot Video is a tool that Vidyard created. This service is open to Marketing Hub Business and Pro accounts. However, the number of videos is limited for both subscription types to 250.

Integrated Into The CTA, A Form Becomes A Video

The main Viyard + Hubspot feature is being able to upload a video that integrates a form or CTA. This function is very practical for simply generating leads. The Internet user views your production and occasionally fills out a form without leaving the video stream. The CTA or form is superimposed on the video without causing interruption.

You can also find performance statistics for your video productions on your blog. The tool shows the number of views as well as opinions during a video. This option is useful for knowing if users stop your video at a given time. It also informs you about the number of Internet users who watch your film until its end.

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