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What Are Heading Tags & Why Do They Help In Google Search Rankings?

Are you thinking of writing a new piece of content? You would like to explore how to rank it higher in Google search results. Start your writing by forming its outline in terms of topics and subtopics. The outline will help you in arranging words and lines in a structure. Further, you can refine this outline while putting down your words and use it as Heading Tags. In this digital era, we are overloaded with information and thus lack time. We tend to glance at the text before switching to its details. So, headers are responsible for giving the content an upper hand and making it more readable.

What Are Heading Tags?

Heading Tags are HTML elements that help better understand the content for both Google and readers. Heading tags have a decreasing order of importance from H1-H6, with H1 the highest ranking. Now, you must be thinking, how many tags can we use? We can use only the H1 tag only once while multiple other tags. The number of H2-H6 titles depends on how well we explain our topic. They follow the hierarchy like:

H1: Top Health and Fitness Tips for Youngsters

H2: Follow a diet plan

H3: Protein-based diet

H3: Healthy Carbs

H3: Intermittent Fasting

H2: Strict Exercise Schedule

H3: Half an hour workout

H3: Be flexible in setting time

And so on.

Most of the top websites use H1-H4 tags more. On the other hand, the H5 and H6 don’t come into much use. Generally, the arrangement of the text is possible within H1-H4 tags.

What Is The Difference Between The Title Tag And The H1 Tag?

Do you think Title tags and H1 tags are the same? But, that is not the case. Title tags appear along with the domain name in the hyperlink, while heading tags come at the top of the web page. So, Title and Headings are entirely different entities. One appears in the search results link, while the other is above the written data.

Why Do They Help In Google Search Rankings?

Keyword Optimization

Heading tags play a significant role in on-page SEO. Although, its importance decreased as it was before fifteen years. But, yes, Tags are still the determinant factors in SEO. You can use heading tags that are unique, creative, and descriptive. Research your topic thoroughly and find the optimized keywords. They are quite effective in enhancing the user experience. Use the most important and relevant keywords in H1 tags, as it mirrors the actual data. 

However, don’t overstuff the keywords to maintain clarity and avoid confusion. It’s best to create H2-H4 tags to describe your points well. They matter for SEO but not that much. You can even use synonyms of essential keywords for them. Search Engine comes to know about the context of your content by taking main keywords from Title and heading tags. You can design your heading tags with the Top SEO Company in India.

Provide Clarity And Structure

Heading tags helps in the organization of your piece of content. It plays a vital role in hooking readers to your webpage. Sometimes, viewers scan the text by reading its headings, subheadings, bullet points, quotes, and images. But, when they encounter a giant pillar of data, they quickly leave the page. There is no issue with the content but with the data structure. Moreover, headers should be clear enough to add more quality to the topic. Finally, meaningful tags make viewers read the entire text.

Wider Reach

Heading tags are part of HTML code that tells the search engines what the content is about. This feature makes it easier for the web browser to recognize the text. Moreover, they act as an aid for persons who can’t read screens. So, headings prove to be a boon for visually impaired and blind persons. They can come to know the context of the work by listening to the heading tags. Furthermore, they can decide whether to continue listening to the main text through voiceover screen readers. Thus, it improves the audience reach with more comprehensive accessibility options.

Enhance Readability And Navigation

Do you know that making categories helps in effortless navigation? Users can decide if a particular section is relevant or irrelevant to their requirements. Thus, they can save their time by reading a section that matters to them the most; otherwise, they may skip it. Headings even help writers to add more variety to their content. For example, they can analyze quickly if their work includes coverage of points from angles or not.


Heading tags are part of the HTML code that outlines the overall content. Headers effectively optimize content, increase web page accessibility and easy navigation. So, heading tags should be enticing enough for both search engines and readers.

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