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How To Clear Google Assistant Data

Voice assistants are everywhere, and they listen to us, perhaps too much: here’s how to delete Google Assistant data to protect privacy. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri, not to mention Samsung’s Bixby, Microsoft’s Cortana and others. They are all vocal assistants, virtual “creatures” who have been accompanying us everywhere for some years now with the promise of making our lives easier. Each of us knows if they succeed or not. What is certain is that they are now everywhere.

We find them at home with smart speakers or intelligent speakers, in the car, on the wrist or, of course, on smartphones: in short, with each passing day, the feeling grows that shaking them off is and will be increasingly difficult. The point is that they listen to our requests, and above all that, they remember them for months, in some cases for years. Some may be scary, but luckily there is a way to fix it: you can erase the data. And doing it, for example, with Google Assistant, isn’t too complicated either. 

Clear The Google Assistant Data From Your Smartphone

To delete the Google Assistant data, you must first open the assistant app and go to the My activities section. It is possible that the system first asks for credit with your Google account: in this case, enter the account email and then the password or just the password, depending on what is requested by the smartphone. Once logged in, the My Activities screen opens, listing the requests made to Google Assistant sorted by date and time.  The sorting of the data can be changed. At this point, you have two options: delete all the data or just some. 

In the last option case, look through the rundown of information in memory and contact the X on the right of the things you need to erase. If then again, you need to erase every one of the information put away by Google Assistant, you should, again from the My exercises screen, contact the Delete key in blue at the upper right, then, at that point, select the thing of interest – for our situation From the start – and afterwards affirm the activity in the following screen. At last, a possibly exciting choice is Set programmed erasure, through which you can assess the option to naturally erase the movement that has more than which permits you to robotize.

Clear Google Assistant Data By Voice

Google Assistant information can be cleared rapidly by voice. The immediate orders are: “Alright Google, erase my last discussion”, “Alright Google, erase the present exercises”, “Alright Google, erase the current week’s exercises”, or “Alright Google. It wasn’t focused on you” to erase the last thing you said.

Now and again, in any case, these voice orders may not be sufficient, both because you need to erase all the last month’s information, for instance, in one go, and because you need to erase just a few exercises and not all. For this situation, it is essential to continue physically through the means depicted previously.

How To Manually Delete Google Assistant Registrations

First, let’s open our web browser and head to Here we log into the Google account to which our speakers are linked, or any intelligent device we use the Google assistant is connected. Once this is done, click on the data and personalization tab. We page until we find the item activity management. Here we click on web and app activities and click on the item to manage the move from the newly opened window. 

We click on the filter by date and by-product and activate the filter to show only the activities of the Assistant. At this point, the list will show us how many times we have recalled this application: if we want to delete only one of the recordings, click on the x next to the item, otherwise under the search bar, we click on delete and confirm that we want to delete all the relevant data. A microphone icon indicates voices that have a recording attached. 

Click on details if we want to delete this data specifically. If we do not want to delete the data that Google has in our possession manually, we can automate the process by activating the automatic deletion. The cleanup will be done by Google after a given amount of time and will allow us to get both privacy and Google Assistant voice recognition.

How To Stop Google Assistant From Getting Recordings Of Our Voice

Google provides a function that allows the use of the Google assistant without maintaining the registrations on its servers. We open the web browser and go to, logging in with the account associated with the device capable of calling up the Google assistant. 

We click on data and personalization from the newly opened window, click on activity controls, and then web and app activity. We remove the checkmark from the item including audio recordings. We confirm that we want to deactivate the saving by clicking the appropriate button. If we have carried out the procedure correctly, Google will stop recording our voice using the Assistant.

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