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Websites 2023: What Are The Trends?

Being online and getting noticed by potential customers is essential for any business. A website conveys the values and personality of the company and allows you to establish a relationship with the people who visit it. In a dynamic technological scenario like the one we live in, websites are also constantly evolving, both from the view of design and browsing experience and from that of functionality and usability.

Therefore, more than an online presence is needed to win over users; creating or adapting your website following current trends is necessary. A modern and engaging platform can respond to your audience’s expectations and will help you increase the performance of your business. But what are the main trends for websites in 2023? Let’s find out in this article!

White Spaces And Asymmetric Designs

The style of current sites is returning to minimalism and the inclusion of white space on the pages. The flat design, with simple and essential elements, helps to establish a hierarchy in the contents and guides users during navigation, improving the UX (User Experience). In addition to the practical function of reducing loading speed, the presence of a clean interface makes web pages tidier. 

It allows the eyes to relax when viewing texts and images. In 2023, the trend of creating minimalist websites will also experiment with new concepts, such as creating asymmetrical designs and inserting 3D graphic elements. This will bring an unexpected side to the look of contemporary websites for a more engaging effect.

Dark Theme

Staying on design and UI (User Interface), a new website trend is dark mode. On these websites, the colors are reversed compared to the standard, with a dark background and light writing and elements. The dark theme is already an option in some operating systems and is also spreading as a framework for websites that want an elegant aesthetic. An interface of this type helps to highlight some aspects of web pages and is less tiring for the eyes than the traditional one. Furthermore, dark mode consumes less energy and is especially ideal for those who browse for a long time on a smartphone.

Animations, Illustrations, And Colors

One of the latest trends in web design concerns the inclusion of illustrations and animations. These elements attract the user’s attention and should be placed strategically in specific places on the page. Whether 2D or 3D illustrations, they have the power to make your site content more fun and memorable. This effect is even more significant with micro-animations, which add a dynamic touch to the interface. 

The important thing is to make sure you insert elements that are not too heavy, which otherwise risk making the page load slower and worsening the browsing experience. On the websites of 2023, there will also be space for colors, thanks to their ability to evoke and convey particular sensations to users. Therefore, bright shades and colors will be protagonists in the interfaces of the future.

Dynamic Scrolling And Parallax

Parallax scrolling is coming back in web design, a visual effect in which the page background and foreground elements move at different speeds. The “infinite” scrolling of a single page (where the user can find all the necessary information) combines with the slower movement of the background for a result capable of surprising site visitors. Parallax adds depth to the page and is ideal for engagingly telling a story, making the user an active part of the narrative with the simple action of scrolling.

Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence

Moving on to the more technical aspects of future websites, chatbots and technologies based on artificial intelligence will become increasingly widespread. These tools can interact with users and answer their questions at any time of the day, replacing the need for customer support.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, chatbots can learn from human conversations and improve their effectiveness in providing practical and relevant answers. Alongside the classic chats in which you can type your requests, voice assistants also appear on sites that exploit the potential of voice technology to establish a relationship with users.

Inclusive Design And Accessibility

Last but not least, the aspect linked to the usability and inclusiveness of websites Online pages and their contents must adapt to the device from which they are viewed, be it a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. The responsive design of the sites guarantees users pleasant and satisfying navigation. In addition, modern websites pay attention to inclusiveness and usability for every user, even (and above all) those with disorders or disabilities. Website accessibility is a central concept to make everyone navigate easily and increase the number of users who can relate to your brand.

Let’s Create Your New Website Together!

Have you seen how many new things there will be in the world of web design? Now you know all the upcoming trends and can choose to implement the ones that are right for you! To update or develop your company website, rely on the site. Through the site IT team, we will identify the salient characteristics of your business and communicate them through web pages with a unique and distinctive style capable of conquering your target audience.

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