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What Is Linkello? Pricing, Features And Reviews

Linkello is a website that acts like a communication meeting room that provides access to make audio calls or video calls comfortably without installing separate software. For people who need meeting rooms for their professional or business purposes, the Linkello website is extremely utilizable to them. The main features of Linkello make it more popular among people, and the meeting room link is active for up to 24 hours, and you can have the permanent link through a subscription.

On this Linkello website, you can also share your screen in the middle of a video call or audio call. The Linkello website doesn’t require any account or any other separate app to join in the video or audio calls. This Linkello is Good for communication purposes, but it may be lacking in fulfilling the professional requirements. The services of Linkello include text chats, docs exchanging, and screen sharing are available on this platform.

Linkello uses WebRTC technology to provide a real-time calling experience for its clients, and anyone can use Linkello anywhere and anytime by opening the supported web browser. You can use it on a computer, phone, or tablet, and comparable with both Android & iOS devices. All the information about the clients is end-to-end encrypted, and to make calls from the Linkello website, you only need to create a link and send it to the person you want to talk with.

Featured points of Linkello

Mainly these featured points make the Linkello website more popular and bring more visitors or clients. Every website has its unique features that include complete information about the website. Some of the featured points of the Linkello website are as follows.

  • You can make audio and video calls and chat with them. Additionally, you can share documents.
  • With the help of the Linkello website, anyone can connect with many people across many countries.
  • It is available for computers and tablets of both iOS and Android devices with a supportive web browser.
  • You can access it with or without a subscription because the required features are available for free of cost too.
  • It doesn’t collect any other information from users to connect with friends, family, or colleagues.
  • It doesn’t disappoint users like other meeting room websites like Zoom.
  • It allows anyone to connect with more than 15 people by inviting them with a single link.
  • Linkello keeps the clients’ data confidential without exposing it to third-party websites.
  • The Linkello website’s interface is simple to use by anyone, and it doesn’t even need any account to create a communication link.

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What are the Linkello Services available on the internet?

Linkello is also available in the form of two services. One is Linkello Office, and the other is Linkello Medical. These services are available with minimum subscription plans, which are in two types. One is the Basic plan, and the other is the Essential plan.

  • Linkello Office: The Linkello office service helps to carry out professional requirements, and this Likello communication tool allows you to communicate with your colleagues about your office requirements. The Basic subscription plan is 2.50€/month for each member.
  • Linkello Medical: This medical Linkello service helps in teleconsultation for healthy tips and solutions with healthcare professionals. It allows you to access it unlimitedly with HDS hosting and comes with a Basic subscription plan of 6.25€/month.

What are the pricing plans for the other Linkello services?

Many additional benefits are available with the Linkello subscriptions. You can access the Linkello website without taking the Linkello subscription, but the other services, like Linkello Office and Linkello Health, need subscriptions. Some of the benefits of the Linkello service subscription are as follows.

  • You can have endless calling links with your friends and family and no limits on call duration and link validity.
  • You can access the Linkello website securely with your account, and also it provides end-to-end encryption for the calling info.
  • Linkello subscription allows you to customize your account interface with your favorite colors.
  • The extra features are a remote camera, call recorder, screen sharing, and many more.
  • You can allow your friends or family, or work colleagues through email via a call inviting link.

How to create a call inviting link on the Linkello website?

Linkello provides the call inviting link to communicate for multiple purposes like personal or professional. As the interface of the Linkello website is understandable, creating a calling invitation link without creating an account is easy. To start the process of creating a communicating meet link is as follows.

  • Open the official site of Linkello on a supported web browser.
  • To generate the calling link, select the option of a video or an audio call; after that, you have to give the title of the calling purpose and then click on the create button.
  • Whenever you click the create button after giving the title of your calling purpose, you will immediately get the link to invite your friends or work colleagues.
  • This link is active for the next 24 hours from the time of link creation, and you can send this link to whom you want to connect with, and you can send this link through an email address.
  • The joining persons should open the link on a supported web browser and enter their names. With these simple steps, anyone having the call inviting URL-link can join the meeting.

These are the steps to connect with your friends and colleagues with whom you want to communicate. Like other meeting websites, it doesn’t need your Gmail account to access it, and all you need is the hosting link to join and the title for hosting the meeting.

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Alternatives of the Linkello

Many choices are available for Linkello’s website working similarly with similar features. Some of the alternatives are listed below.

8*8 Meet

It is one of the good choices for Linkello, as it provides a high-definition video calling experience. It also provides the end-to-encryption for the meeting information and supports transcription and recordings of the meets.

Anyone can use this 8*8 Meet on their Windows and mobile devices, which supports google chrome, and also, with this website, you can make live videos on YouTube.


Hibox is majorly available for professional purposes to conduct video conference meetings with colleagues and employees. This communication meeting room allows chatting with the attending people and supports task management. With this Hibox website, you can share your documents, and also it permits you to connect with your friends or colleagues in many countries.

It allows you to connect up to ten members freely, and if you want to connect with more people, you need to take a minimum subscription plan of $4 /month for each person.


The Livestorm website is one of the alternatives used for the web conferencing website for professional purposes with your colleagues. Livestorm is mainly for live events, product demos, onboarding employees, business communications, online courses, etc. This website is utilizable for any company, from startups to the high professional level.

The Livestorm site allows you to conduct events with ten people for 20min, but if you want more than that, you should take a subscription of €89 per month for each host.


Tandem is one of the suitable alternatives for the Linkello website for making video calls with your friends or colleagues for different purposes. Mainly it is available for meetings with working collaboration, instant video calls, and file sharing. This Tandem website is usually for conference meetings with work colleagues and allows up to ten members of unlimited video and audio calls. If you want more people to join, you should take a professional subscription plan for $8 / month for each user.


Skype is one of the best alternatives for the Linkello website, as you can chat with the people you want to communicate with. You can make audio and video calls from Skype. Skype allows you to store all the contacts of Skype users in your community, and the features of Skype make it the best for communication with people all over many countries. For video calling, you can add 250 people per meeting, which is useful for personal and professional purposes.

Skype is part of a subscription to 365 Microsoft Office, and it is the best video conferencing tool for personal and professional use.

Some more alternatives are,

  • Google Meet
  • Outklip
  • VidioCall
  • UnRemot
  • LiveWebinar
  • Room. sh
  • Breve
  • Demodesk
  • RemoteHour
  • Grapevine
  • ClaerityAI
  • MeetSales
  • Nitroom
  • Butter
  • Around
  • Vaam
  • Spike video meeting
  • Remo Conference
  • Topia
  • Team.Video
  • Servv
  • Ring4
  • Birdslate
  • StroyXpress

Concluding Lines

In this article, you can see the complete information about Linkello and its alternatives. There are more choices and choose one of the alternatives according to your requirements. But be aware of this before taking any paid subscription. You need to try the free trial offered by the website, and if it is suitable for your needs, then you can proceed with the subscription.

Linkello is one of the best alternatives for Zoom and Google Meet, as it does not require any Google account connection. Linkello is free to use with simple steps, and people can easily communicate with their friends and colleagues instantly without any signup process.

In this competitive world, everything is done online, and mainly for these online communications, the websites and software are the best at their services. All the information furnished above is gathered from the expert’s opinion. Check once or twice before taking a subscription to any website.

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