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The Most Important CRM Functions

Contact Management

This is undoubtedly the primary task of a CRM. The data of potential customers from the first contact to the conversion is recorded and organized accordingly. This data can be contact, demographic, transactional, etc. With this feature, it’s essential that you feel comfortable using the tool, that the information is easily accessible, and that the fields are in a logical order that suits your needs.


It enables the various areas involved in the sales process to access the traceability of the interactions between customer and company. This enables coordination and prevents the customer from repeatedly providing the same information to different contacts within the company. It also makes the process more flexible, increases credibility, and gives the customer the feeling that the company cares. In a survey of enterprise call centers, 62% see customer experience as a competitive advantage, citing accuracy and quality of information (82%) and ease of interaction (73%) as the most important attributes of customer experience quality.

Qualification Of Customers Or Leads

If the company identifies its customers well, marketing campaigns can be more targeted, and the sales process can be carried out much more smoothly. This identification can be based on proximity to the customer profile, conversion potential, or other strategically defined criteria. On average, well-nurtured leads generate 20% more sales opportunities than unmentioned leads and make 47% more purchases than unmentioned leads.

Omnichannel Strategy

The omnichannel strategy integrates various communication channels with the customer, from email to the store to chat in online retail. Thanks to omnichannel, the customer service team can provide solutions quickly and through the most appropriate channel. On average, companies with the most robust omnichannel customer retention strategies retain 89% of their customers compared to 33% of companies with weak omnichannel strategies.

Document Management

A CRM centralizes access to relevant documents (commercial offers and their templates, email formats, etc.) so that the different profiles involved can offer the customer a more flexible and positive experience. Did you know that 88% of Mexican consumers say customer experience is essential to their purchasing decision?

Sales Funnel Management

This is a handy feature when the sales process is taking longer, as it provides a complete view of the sales funnel to manage all stages and prevent prospects from dropping out of the process early.

Automation Of Workflows

Some of the repetitive tasks in the sales process can be automated through workflows that enable those very actions. Another option is to set up reminders to track the completion of each lesson.

Social Media Management

Some CRM systems even observe target audience behavior on social media and track their likes, mentions, comments, posts, and other interactions. 73% of sellers who use social media in their sales process outperform other sellers and are 23% more likely to exceed their sales goal. 


The sales team spends much time on the road meeting with customers or driving to them. It should be noted that time is a valuable commodity for both the customer and the seller, as well as the sales process. That’s why a tool that enables mobile access from any device (laptop, cell phone, or tablet) for Android and iOS operating systems is a functionality that is greatly appreciated by all parties involved. According to research by Nucleus Research, quoted by SuperOffice :

  1. Mobile access to a CRM increases sales team productivity by an average of 14.6%;
  2. 3 in 10 users of a mobile CRM report an increase in productivity of over 20%;

Integration With Other Platforms

The CRM must contain a function for integration depending on which systems the company uses and how they are connected. Integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which combines commercial actions with production actions, is widespread. For example, it is possible to program the workflow so that the production order is automatically generated when the contract is signed with the customer. Other ways to integrate with human resource management systems include calendars, document management, cloud storage, etc. Integrated customer journeys offer a competitive advantage, allowing companies to double their revenue yearly.

Management Reports

These enable a profound insight into customer behavior, current trends, and, in general, the market’s reactions to our campaigns – in real-time and cumulatively. This allows for a detailed analysis considering all factors to take appropriate action. At the same time, it is also possible to apply filters based on the criteria you define: by the customer, by location, by current stage within the sales process, by vendor, etc. You receive statistics about customer behavior and essential data about the performance of your sales team and individual sales employees.

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