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The Five Trends To Follow For Successful E-Commerce In 2022

What does your e-commerce need to have to increase your business? Here are the five features that must not be missing.


Mobile-first. This is the first cornerstone if you are considering opening an online shop. We are not discussing creating a responsive e-commerce site or a place that also fits on devices such as tablets and mobile phones. No, it is a design conceived starting from devices such as smartphones. People open their PCs less and less to make purchases and tend to search for what they need on the spot, relying on their smartphones. Ensures optimal navigation.

E-commerce And Google Mobile-First Index

Mobile-first isn’t just about users. You don’t have to forget about Google. There is talk of a Google update in the coming months, linked to mobile and SEO. A change that should materialize by March and present the introduction of the Google Mobile-First Index will bring the update of search results for mobile devices, eliminating desktop sites from the SERP. Mobile becomes the primary avenue for customer searches, for their purchases, and for increasing your turnover.

Clear And Personalized Content

Attention to the user experience. Customize content and navigation. Make the experience in your shop unique. Start with simple things: clear information. Describe the products in detail, prevent any doubts and questions by creating a section dedicated to FAQs, and reassure the user by inserting reviews. Nobody buys before reading the opinion of those who have already tried the product. 

Use this to emphasize the benefits of your articles and the success they are enjoying. Don’t overlook the negative comments. Remember that even in these cases, you can find an excellent way to turn the situation to your advantage. Finally, take care of the payment methods and customize them to offer the customer a choice and facilitate him in the purchase phase.


Creating a system for which your users, after paying a fixed monthly fee, can use your e-commerce is undoubtedly one of the novelties that in 2021 can allow you good sales results. The subscription formula in the medium to long term proves to be more than valid for earnings and for building customer loyalty—a fundamental innovative element for the sector.

Real-Time Delivery

The sooner, the better. Your customers are undoubtedly eager to receive what they ordered. Could you not make them wait? Those who buy online greatly appreciate the speed with which they receive their purchases, so try to choose reliable distributors and use automation systems that speed up delivery. Regarding delivery, keep in mind that if you have a physical store in the area of ​​the customer who made the purchase, you can also provide for the collection directly in the structure. Customers will be happy to have more options.

Artificial Intelligence And Augmented Reality

One of the few limitations of e-commerce is the impossibility of customers to touch the goods with their hands. How to eliminate this difficulty? Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). Imagine visiting your online shop, showing the products in all facets, and giving personalized indications and information. Artificial intelligence helps you with this by creating a history of purchases and user behavior in the online store. So you can show the products that are more in line with the tastes and requests of visitors. In short, a sort of trusted salesman. 

Augmented reality, on the other hand, will compensate for the need to look at and experience an item before purchasing. Through images and reproductions of the products, you can make people understand the characteristics and use of what users are about to buy. Thanks to good e-commerce, even small local businesses can stay close to customers, meet their needs, and make themselves known beyond the territory’s borders to those who cannot reach them otherwise. If you haven’t done so yet, 2021 is the ideal time to think about opening your online shop.

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