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The 7 Best Ways To Shift Your Marketing Focus

Enough statistics and observations. Let’s talk about what a brand can do to get the most out of marketing on Instagram.

Don’t Give Up On Facebook

With its reach and emphasis on sharing, Facebook is still relevant to marketers, so don’t write Facebook off entirely. Facebook is still a great place to post curated content and fresh content, and their paid advertising is more powerful than Instagram’s. But when it comes to building a brand image and building a relationship with customers, Instagram is better.

Improve The Visual Content

While images work better than text on both channels, they’re quite simply a must-have on Instagram. Facebook may be more forgiving of text-based posts like blog articles or novel-length status updates, but on Instagram, you have to look good to perform well. 

Create Accurate Content

Again, posting or sharing someone else’s work is fine on Facebook, but Instagram assumes the images are genuine. Instagram is less of a place to share someone else’s work (unless it’s a picture of someone else’s work that you took yourself), so invest in robust and genuine content.

Use Lots Of Hashtags

You can’t target audiences directly on Instagram, but hashtags come close. Write any relevant hashtags that will help you get seen by the right people. Up to 30 hashtags fit in the description, but you can write more in a comment on your post.

Create Competitions

Contests are always an excellent way to increase engagement, so take advantage of this with a photo contest on Instagram. People promoting your brand in their images are free advertising. Just don’t forget to create an original hashtag for the campaign. You also have the opportunity to participate in other general trends like the #lemondancechallenge below.

Work With Persistent Themes

Targeting a niche is hot on Instagram (another reason hashtags are important), so pick a specific topic and stick with it. If you do anything with travel, only post travel pictures. If you have a restaurant, only post photos of the food. The more you specialize, the better (as long as there is enough interest). So once you’ve found your niche, do something with it.

Optimize Your Bio And Description

Because they’re the only places where you can tell about yourself, your bio and characterization are essential on Instagram. In addition to your page URL, you should include a tagline and a brief synopsis of your idea, as well as your prominent hashtags. You can also use your logo as a profile picture.

Insight: The Two-Pronged Strategy

Instead of choosing one platform, it’s best to use both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously and play to their strengths. Facebook’s paid advertising is still relatively robust and can reach older groups than Instagram. Facebook also offers better access to external sites or online shops since you can post links anywhere.

But when it comes to interacting directly with customers and building your brand identity, Instagram is the clear winner (based on the data). It allows more direct access to people under 30 with less competition. If trends continue, Instagram will overtake Facebook in advertising and maybe even in the number shortly. But for now, Facebook still matters for marketing. Don’t give up on Facebook just yet – but don’t lose sight of the long-term goal and expand your presence on Instagram.

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