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The 10 Things To Try Immediately With iOS 17

Now that all compatible iPhones can install iOS 17 (here you will find all the instructions for doing so without any problems), let’s talk about the new features, the good ones, which can be activated and used right from the start with the new operating system running. In this article, we highlight the best ten.

Interactive Widgets

Until now, tapping on a widget opened the associated app, but widgets finally became interactive with iOS 17. They can be used on the main home screen, on the lock screen, and also in the new standby mode. Depending on the app, interactive widgets allow you to carry out the most valuable functions on the fly with a touch or tap directly inside the widget, for example, controlling music and podcasts, adding or ticking a reminder, managing smart home devices, and much more.

Standby Mode

One of the most noticeable changes is the new standby screen that changes when you place the phone horizontally. In practice, the iPhone is transformed into a sort of domestic hub, with the clock and other information in plain sight, so as to be useful even when you are not interacting with it, both when charging on the bedside table during the night and while keeping it charged on the desk of the ‘office.

When it is in this position, the phone offers three different standby screens: one with widgets (interactive and otherwise), a second with the photos in the photo library, and a third with the clock. You can customize them (hold down on them) by selecting your favorite widgets and the way the time appears and making the phone “remember” the various configurations used with different MagSafe chargers (to return to the example given earlier, indeed, differentiating widgets and appearance between bedside table and office).

Create Your Contact Poster

With iOS 17, it is possible to create a business card when calling another user with an iPhone. Essentially, you can create and customize the contact screen with photos, emojis, emojis, and the color of your name, thus choosing the appearance of the screen with which to “introduce yourself” to the user you are contacting. Go to Contacts > My Card and click Edit in the top-right corner.

How To Share An iCloud Keychain

From now on, if you want, you can share all the passwords stored in the iCloud Keychain with friends and family. Open the Settings app and click on the Get Started button located under the Share Password with Family banner. Alternatively, you can click the + button and create a new shared group (you can also have more than one with different people).

How To Share AirTags

AirTags can also be shared with friends and relatives, and this becomes particularly useful, for example, when lending the car keys to your wife or child, because by doing so, it will no longer be necessary to give up tracking of the device to avoid constant alerts of unknown objects nearby. When the opportunity arises, open the Find My app, select the affected AirTag, click Share, and then select the target contact.

Rename Pets In Photos

The iPhone is now able to recognize pets; in fact, with iOS 17, the People album becomes People and Pets, so even for the latter, it is now possible to rename all those identified by the AI.

Record A Mood

With iOS 17, Apple’s Health app is packed with a new function dedicated to mood monitoring so as to keep track of your well-being over time. To access this new feature and record your current mood, all you have to do is open the app, click on Browse, and select the Mental Well-Being item.

Set Up Safari Profiles

Another new feature is the one that allows you to navigate on Safari by separating searches based on different use cases, for example, creating a work profile to differentiate it from the personal one. This way, accounts, histories, and everything else will remain confined to separate environments and can be recalled more efficiently based on the needs of the moment. To create these profiles, open the Settings app and go to Safari > New profile, customizing the icon, name, and background color.

Create The Stickers

If with iOS 16 it was possible to cut subjects out of photos, now with iOS 17, the crop can be transformed into a new image or, even better, into a sticker by clicking on the Add sticker from the menu that appears when you click on the crop. At that point, you can send them to all those apps that support emoji.

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