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Tablet For Children In The Test 2022

A day in almost every parent’s life will come when their child wants a tablet. But how should one react to this wish? Does a child need a tablet? Mom and Dad quickly think of a classic device for adults when they hear the term tablet, but retailers now also offer a wide variety of models aimed directly at young users. A tablet for children can therefore prove to be an excellent investment to teach the youngsters how to use modern technologies. In our guide article below, we have summarized what you should consider when buying a tablet for children.

Tablet For Children: Why The Purchase Is Recommended

When parents think of smartphones and tablets in the hands of their offspring, they often have a completely wrong image in mind: the modern devices are often seen as unnecessary, fearing that the little ones will play games on them all day long or in the are on the Internet – in the worst case on sites that are not suitable for their eyes. This is probably even true in the case of conventional tablets, which are primarily aimed at adults. 

But not with special tablets for children, which come with a variety of child-friendly games, learning programs, and integrated parental control for using the Internet. Such tablets represent an excellent introduction to the rapidly growing world of media, which children will also have to deal with at some point. Many schools are now using tablet PCs in their lessons, so it is advisable to teach your child how to use such a device at an early age – in the best-case scenario, they will already be perfectly familiar with how to use it at school. 

But of course, a tablet for children should not only serve as preparation. It is primarily designed for fun and offers a variety of child-friendly elements, apps, and functions that can, for example, significantly enhance a rainy afternoon or a boring car ride. So you see: A children’s tablet brings several practical advantages for its little user so you can think about buying it.

Tablet For Children: The Difference Between Conventional Tablet PCs

Of course, many parents ask themselves what the difference between a tablet for children and adults is. Conventional tablets can also be retrofitted with special child protection functions. Nevertheless, a children’s tablet as the first device for the offspring makes more sense in many respects. For example, there is a more manageable size, ideally suited to small children’s hands – because a 10-inch tablet is somewhat tricky for a child to use. The quality of the device is also tailored to young users since it usually has particularly robust housing that can sometimes fall on the floor.

What is interesting about a children’s tablet is that a particular child safety device is already pre-installed and thus protects the little user from unsightly content on the Internet. This is particularly useful when mum and dad don’t know about such safety precautions, but the offspring should still be protected as best as possible. In addition, a tablet for children also comes with pre-installed programs that also only offer child-friendly content. By buying a children’s tablet, you get a device that is perfectly designed for use by children, with which the offspring can get started immediately. And by the way, children’s tablets are significantly cheaper to buy than classic tablets for adults.

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Tablets For Children: From What Age Is The Purchase Recommended?

It’s not easy to answer the question of what age children should have their tablets because every child is fundamentally different. Some children are not interested in such a device at all. Other children enjoy playing on mom and dad’s tablets early. As soon as the child shows independent interest in a tablet, it makes sense to buy one – but experts agree that this should not happen before age 3. Tablets for children from the age of 3 are usually also very cute in terms of their external appearance. For example, the iPod Kids Tablet has an attractive panda bear design case.

Tablets for children from the age of 6 are no longer designed quite as “cutely” and are more reminiscent of a classic tablet from a visual point of view. However, the models offered for this age group are often colorful, which their little users usually find very appealing. The models of the Fire HD series from Amazon are particularly popular with children from elementary school upwards. They are impressed with their modern design, excellent equipment, and an attractive price-performance ratio. Ultimately, it is always a question of one’s assessment of the age from which a child should get their tablet. 

If the screen times prescribed by experts are adhered to, it is no problem to give such a device to more minor children from 3 – provided they are interested in it. Family educators recommend a maximum of 30 minutes of screen time a day for children aged three and over and no more than an hour a day for children between the ages of 6 and 10. If the tablet is also used for learning at school, the screen time can be adjusted accordingly so that the youngsters still have a little time after the stressful everyday school life, for example, to play their favorite game or surf the Internet.

Tablet For Children: You Should Consider This When Buying

If you want to buy your child a tablet, you should pay attention to a few essential criteria when choosing the device so that your offspring can enjoy it for a long time. We have summarized what these are for you here.

The Display Size

The display size plays a significant role in a tablet for children because, after all, the device should be easy to use. A compact model with a height between 5 and 8 inches is recommended for small children, as this fits perfectly in tiny hands. A 10-inch model is only recommended for older children from primary school age.

The Battery Life

Many tablets for children only come with manageable battery life. Some models even only last 5 hours. Therefore, when buying a tablet, pay attention to the battery life specified by the manufacturer and check it by reading customer reviews. Also, remember that the device’s battery should easily last a long drive, so there is no unnecessary frustration during the journey.

The Storage Space

The storage space of the tablet is also essential. 32 GB is usually sufficient to install various apps and applications. However, larger storage space may be advisable if many pictures, music files, or high-resolution children’s films are stored on the device. Ideally, the tablet should have an integrated SD card slot: You can insert a memory card here to expand the storage space. The small cards are now available in stores at meager prices.

The Robustness

A tablet for children should always have a robust case, as children are not always squeamish with such a device. Such a device should be able to cope with an accidental fall on the floor, and even minor knocks or bumps should not directly lead to a total loss of the device.


A good children’s tablet comes with a pre-installed child safety device, which can, of course, be adjusted by mum or dad at any time. In the settings, for example, it should be possible to enter a maximum screen time per day or to regulate and enable unique apps or the Internet. It is also essential when it comes to equipment that the tablet has a headphone jack so that the offspring can enjoy their favorite audiobook in peace while driving. A good tablet also needs a USB socket so that it can quickly and easily connect to the PC for data exchange. Access to the home or local network is also possible via the integrated WLAN.

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