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Social Networks And ChatGPT: A Winning Combination?

“Now you can say goodbye to your job” is undoubtedly the catchphrase that every social media manager or community manager has experienced at least once since tools such as Chat GPT and Bard appeared in our lives. But in times of doubt, the key is to understand that AI is not our enemy but rather an ally in our daily lives and that it is there to help us. 

But be careful; ChatGPT and Bard are potent tools. Like everything in life, you have to know how to handle them, their limits, and their advantages. So that your business does not go from management by a flesh-and-blood person, with empathy, feelings, and sensitivity, to control by a robot, hieratic and cold, let’s see in this article how AI will become your new best friend at work and how to optimize your time by asking it, for example:

  1. Help you with the most mechanical tasks
  2. Summarize valuable information about your competitors or your items.
  3. Extract critical findings from a report.

And for all this to work without a hitch, remember that your best allies will be the prompt ones. Kinds of commands or indications that we give to the AI so that it carries out the tasks that we ask of it in a particular way. And that it provides us with the information we want in the cleanest and most detailed way possible.

Here Are Our Tips For Writing Prompts As Effectively As Possible

Accuracy Has Never Mattered More

Be as specific as possible; the key is in the details. The more specific information you give to the AI, the more precise its response will be. It’s not the same to ask “write about digital marketing” as it is to ask “generate examples of content marketing strategies for social media.”


As for good artificial intelligence, ChatGPT and Bard know how to speak different languages, but we talk about more than just languages per se. We include the tone of the conversation. By specifying the desired manner, the AI will be able to generate responses ranging from serious and professional to amusing and absurd. The key is to experiment with different tones to get results that are as true to the company as possible. TIP: To achieve the tone you want, add “in tone [XXX]” at the end of your question and… surprise! You will have unlocked more answers than you can imagine!

Be Clear About Your Industry

Keep this idea in mind until you have completed all the tasks you ask ChatGPT or Bard to do. It may feel repetitive, but it’s better to overdo it and get what you need than to have incomplete information. For example, don’t ask ChatGPT or Bard to tell you “What are the top trending hashtags on Instagram?” but rather to generate “the top performing hashtags on Instagram for posts related to [XXX] ‘s industry.”.

Who Said Changing Someone’s Personality Was Complicated?

Transform the AI into what you want it to be by adding a simple “Act like…” or “You are…” at the start of each prompt. With such a simple sentence, we are already giving ChatGPT or Bard all the information it needs to act in one way or another so that its response is as close as possible to what we need. 

For example, if we say, “Create a post for LinkedIn about education methods in France,” it will not be the same as saying, “Act like a social media manager who works in the education sector and who must create content for LinkedIn on education methods in France. Create a list of ideas for different posts with CTAs that encourage comments.

Above All, Check!

AI is still at a very early stage of what it can offer us. So, it’s essential, as part of the process, to look at everything generated by both ChatGPT and Bard. It never hurts to check data and dates or even use plagiarism tools in order to avoid any problems. And remember that these are still artificial intelligence, so doing “ctrl+C or ctrl+V” can be a mistake. We recommend taking the ideas and adapting them to your brand and industry.

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