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SMM: 3 Ideas For Creating A Successful Instagram Reel

What Is Meant By Instagram Reels?

Reels are fun and creative videos that are posted on Instagram to engage users, inform an audience of potential customers, and, therefore, increase a business’s turnover. Instagram and Facebook’s response to the success of TikTok are features designed to appeal to the majority of Generation Z.

Instagram Reels: The Communication Channel Most Loved By Generation Z

Those who visit the reels are usually driven by the desire to participate in a community, to collaborate with blogs, or even simply to inform themselves, given that the internet allows anyone to access a vast amount of data and information. This feature, decidedly more superficial and more immediate than TikTok, can be used advantageously to encourage corporate communication as it is less personalized and, therefore, misleads the user less.

To better promote your products and services, it is therefore possible to focus on videos in multi-clip format lasting 15 seconds, to which it is possible to associate audio, visual effects, and texts of various kinds. It is essential to structure the reel ideas in a correct, convincing, and, above all, adequate manner to meet the requests of users, who, as is known, change with impressive speed. Since the official launch of Instagram Reels in August 2020, interest in its potential has been immediately high, especially from companies and commercial enterprises.

These companies, in fact, have understood the value of support of this kind to promote sales and consequently increase profits. Instagram Reels was, in fact, born as a communication channel utterly different from those traditionally exploited, thanks to its enormous ability to intercept new target audiences. Creative, fun, and cute, the reels have attracted increasingly large segments of users intrigued by these innovative videos. So here are three ideas for creating successful Instagram reels.

Make The Most Of Storytelling

Any company intent on increasing its visibility and number of customers knows the fundamental importance of telling stories using the enormous power of video. Thanks to a careful choice of images, music, and texts, it is, in fact, possible to capture the attention of consumers who, perhaps by chance, find themselves visiting a particular site. Focusing on storytelling is always a winning weapon, as long as you know how to manage the psycho-emotional impact of videos correctly.

Therefore, it is appropriate to show simple stories rich in color, with an attractive background (sunny or snowy landscapes, but still well-defined), with animals (better if close to people), and with chromatic harmony. To achieve similar objectives, it is essential to know the current trends very well, adapt to them, and follow seasonality and user preferences. Therefore, in winter, it is always preferable to create videos in the mountains with snowmen, skiers, horse-drawn sleighs, or evocative nighttime torchlight processions.

In summer, however, the most suitable backgrounds are undoubtedly marine ones, with sailing boats in the background, crystal-clear waters, and coasts with silver sand, preferably deserts. Nature always remains a theme of significant visual impact, so it should have a role of primary importance in storytelling. You can also invest in the family, in the emotional bonds between grandparents and grandchildren, or in the collaboration between two partners to communicate a reassuring message. Arousing emotions is the primary purpose of telling stories, so every single video must be able, in just a few seconds, to convey feelings.

Show Yourself Behind The Scenes

Followers really love following their brands “behind the scenes” to have the opportunity to interact outside the official context and to be able to relate more directly to it. When Instagram’s tone of voice is friendly, fun, and lighthearted, those who follow a particular brand are encouraged to immerse themselves in that reality, imagining they are actively participating in everyday life. 

This is why it can be helpful to show how a typical day goes, including all the personal aspects that go beyond etiquette. Setting spontaneous videos that show funny, curious, embarrassing, and witty moments has proven to be a winning technique. In this regard, the company can leave room for some particularly confident employees capable of recounting an unexpected event with a happy ending that involved them. In this way, the user is able to share personal experiences that he has previously experienced, confronting himself with a reality that immediately becomes friendly.

There are now many businesses that structure Instagram Reels around real behind-the-scenes adventures that, after a downbeat debut, have turned out to be the best. To build a solid and powerful brand, it is advisable to establish emotional relationships with users who, feeling involved, can become loyal customers (“buyer personas”). Humanizing a company by showing it even in critical moments, such as the loss of an object, a shipping mix-up, or a disagreement between employees, helps to improve know-how and highlight the most empathetic aspects. 

A reel that shows the “before” and “after” behind the scenes is particularly suitable for indicating an ongoing transformation that, in most cases, the consumer is not aware of. Preview reels are also very effective ways to arouse curiosity and create expectations in followers who can’t wait to have the new product in their hands.

The Role Of Tips And Tricks

Sharing tips and advice has proven to be the trump card for many businesses, as consumers are often looking for answers to their doubts. Creating reels containing tips and tricks is, therefore, one of the best methods to hook new trends and develop lasting relationships with them. In this regard, it is advisable to show, even if for a few seconds, how a product is made, summarizing the main phases and thus offering the user a valuable and practical guideline.

Some gastronomic brands, for example, have focused on actual video recipes containing the products of the brand in question, not only to provide support but also to sponsor their goods. Another sector that has benefited considerably from tips and tricks is jewelry, which has developed columns on the connection between precious stones and zodiac signs or on the type of artisanal work of a goldsmith. 

The expression “tips and tricks” literally means “suggestions and tricks,” a method that overlaps (or replaces) the traditional FAQs to offer intuitive and practical solutions to those who surf the net. Reel (which in English means “reel”) is also a function that includes several clips, perfect for creating short, fun, but also impactful videos. Unlike stories, which are destined to disappear after 24 hours, these tools remain on the web forever and are, therefore, much more effective. 

Tips and tricks can really make a difference since similar suggestions (present forever) are able to capture the attention and interest of large segments of consumers. The ability to use these tools correctly by including concrete examples in the videos, thanks to dialogues or specific explanations, brings the company as close as possible to the user base. Finally, we must consider that when a reel is liked, it immediately goes viral, exponentially increasing the number of followers and, therefore, the company’s online visibility.


Correct use of Instagram Reels can greatly incentivize company business, not only improving the loyalty of the target audience but also increasing its volume. In fact, a well-structured reel can reach users who were previously unaware of the brand, helping to create broader and more differentiated awareness. The most advantageous aspect is that all this happens for free. It has been known for some time that online sales have an edge over those in physical stores, both in terms of quantitative aspects (greater availability of products) and quality (broader and more varied choices).

In this regard, the role of followers has proven to be fundamental in sponsoring the various brands, which, through Instagram Reels, can significantly establish themselves among significant user groups. The secret to obtaining considerable results, however, remains to publish genuine videos containing reliable messages, complete with tutorials and tips and tricks, and interact with followers to create a valid and lasting relationship with them.

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