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5 Apps That Can Help Your Business Grow

Running a business in the modern world can surely have its challenges. But, at the same time, you have access to a world of information and tools like never before. If you use the right kind of tools for your business in the right way, you can grow your organization over time and stay competitive in the market.

While there are many apps and tools that are specific to your type of business, you can start with some common apps for businesses. To give you an idea, here are some apps that help your business grow.

1. QuickBooks

When it comes to running a business, accounting might be one of the most important supporting tasks there is to make sure you stay above the water. You could either outsource your accounting needs or hire a professional or two in-house along with good accounting software like QuickBooks.

With QuickBooks, you can organize your taxes, invoices, accounting entries, and everything else.

If you have some spare time, you can also learn how to use the app yourself. After all, it was made for small businesses, not accountants.

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2. Deputy

Whether your business has a few employees or 50, you will need to work a system to manage them properly. That’s where Deputy comes in. Deputy can help you manage your employees properly.

Deputy can be used for many things, one of them being employee schedule management. The software can help you create and maintain a proper schedule. The software can also be used to figure out how much your labor costs are adding up to depending on the schedule you’re planning to set. This can be great for managing your schedule and staying under budget.

3. Trello

Project management is a part of every business, and one of the best ways to do this is with Trello. With this app, you can easily collaborate with your team and figure out what needs to be done. You can easily organize the projects into lists, cards, and boards to fit your project and team.

The app will allow you to track each project and check the progress of each one. You can also set deadlines, assign tasks, and set priority levels for each assignment, among other things.

4. Firmex

When you’re collaborating on more sensitive projects, you need to have better software that can guarantee the safety of your files and communication. That’s where Firmex comes in.

With Firmex, you can easily work on projects with your team members and even give access to other collaborators outside of your organization in a virtual data room.

5. Hootsuite

Having a social media presence is a no-brainer in the modern business world. However, getting on various social media platforms and constantly engaging with your followers can be quite complicated in the long run.

With Hootsuite, you can make your digital marketing efforts much simpler. You can easily manage your followers on various social media platforms using the app. When you create a post for your social media, you can use Hootsuite to post on all your social platforms at the same time using the post scheduling feature.

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