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Smart Sockets To Save On The Electricity Bill

Smart sockets, what they are and how they work, are the new devices designed to make homes smart and help users save on electricity bills. As homes become more competent, it is not surprising that an increasing number of users are worried about the recent increases in electricity. Fortunately, there are many ways to save; technology can help you control expenses and save a few euros. Among these, we find smart plugs. Let’s find out how they work and how they can be used to save on the bill.

Smart Sockets, What They Are And How They Work

Smart sockets are created to make any device or a household appliance in the house intelligent and connected to the network. Smart plugs are similar to a standard socket, albeit slightly more significant. The main difference lies in integrating everything necessary to connect to the wi-fi network or any sensors present, such as security systems. Of course, many types of smart sockets are designed to fulfill any user’s need and quickly help him create a remotely manageable smart house. 

The “classic” socket is the most compact and allows immediate configuration ensuring total compatibility with all modern home automation systems. It supports commands via the official App and, in some cases, even voice commands via the most used assistants such as Google Home, Siri and Alexa. The variants can integrate USB ports to recharge various household devices without a transformer. They can be built as a “smart power strip”, allowing several different devices to integrate and power. Finally, there are the electricity consumption meters which, as the name implies, help the user to have a real-time overview of all electricity consumption in the home.

Smart Sockets: The Main Functions

Of course, these smart plugs’ primary function is remotely managing smart home devices. The design of a fully automated home environment connected to the network represents the main evolution towards which modern homes are projected. It is not surprising that even the “old homes” want to orient themselves in this direction by opting for mobile solutions, but they are still capable of fulfilling their functions. 

The second function of these devices comes in terms of energy saving, with the ability to plan and manage the consumption of a home, resulting in a substantial saving on the bill. It takes a bit of familiarity with specific technology, an internet network, and a smartphone for remote management, but with a few hundred euros, the result is guaranteed. Smart plugs are currently among the most requested devices on the market and can truly change how you live and use your home for the better. And if the energy savings are also substantial, then such devices are welcome that, with a few simple moves, can significantly help consumers’ pockets.

The Best Smart Sockets

Tapo TP-Link P110

One of the most popular proposals on the market is that of Tp-Link of the Tapo range: a smart plug with schuko-type input that monitors the energy consumption of devices and appliances in real-time and connects via wi-fi to the Internet to support the remote control and through digital assistants from Google and Amazon as well as from the official Tapo application. It holds a maximum load of 3680 watts and 16 amps. 

Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon also has its proposal, called Smart Plug, without too much imagination and set up for control via Alexa. Thanks to the digital assistant, it is possible to set daily routines for multiple recurring commands to be activated at certain times. Everything is configurable simply and directly from the official Alexa application to meet less experienced users. Also, in this case, the socket is of the schuko type, while the declared load limit is ten amps.

Moko USB

By switching to smart sockets equipped with USB ports to connect devices such as smartphones, tablets or others directly, MoKo offers a compact solution with 2.4 amps support for the USB socket, compatibility with Alexa and Google Home and remote control from the App for activation/deactivation and timing.

Meross Apple HomeKit Smart Outdoor Socket

Outdoor environments can also benefit from smart sockets to connect devices, gadgets or appliances placed outside the home, such as terraces, balconies or gardens. The structure is more solid and voluminous since it must be protected from the elements, rain, humidity and dirt. The dual-socket Meross proposal is designed for Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, but it can also be used without problems with Google Home and Alexa. 

Aulek Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Aulek’s proposal is less compact but is more potent as it accommodates two USB inputs and holds a total load of 16 amps. Made of fireproof abs material, it is compatible with Alexa, and Google Home, monitors consumption in real-time, protects against overvoltages and is equipped with a timer. 

Meross 123 Smart Power Strip

A power strip with smart functionality and not very numerous sockets but already equipped for plugs. The power supply can be adjusted independently for each socket, while for the 4 USB ports included, you can only decide whether to give or remove energy to the entire block.

Taococo Smart Plug

Taococo’s smart power strip includes four schuko-type sockets and three USB inputs. Otherwise, the technical characteristics are identical to the previous solution, including compatibility with voice assistants and home automation platforms. The price is slightly higher, but the footprint decreases significantly.

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