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What Is Pixwox And How To Use It, Best Alternatives

A few people want to look into their crush or partner’s Instagram account to view their posts or stories anonymously, and others always tend to get updated pics or videos of their favorite stars. The Pixwox site helps you to view and download Instagram stories and posts of the people you know. It is a chance to create fresh updates of your favorite stars by reposting them on a fan-based page, and with this opportunity, anyone can become famous and have a chance to get more likes and followers for your fan-based Instagram account.

In this technological world, people give importance to their fame and name. Even some people become one-night stars through these social media platforms, majorly Instagram. At present, everyone is using Instagram for unlimited entertainment. Pixwox makes it more entertaining to use Instagram for downloading or viewing stories and posts of your friends and family’s Instagram accounts.

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is a website that allows anyone to view or download Instagram stories and posts anonymously, and you can repost them for more likes and followers. With a single tap on it, you can download stories or posts, including pics and videos. The downloaded stories or posts get saved directly to your device storage. Pixwox is helpful for people who want to get pics or videos of their favorite persons from their Instagram accounts.

The process of downloading photos or stories using Pixwox is simple and easy. Anyone can easily access it; it doesn’t need any sign-in or asks to create an account to get the desired stuff from the website. Anyone can view or download images or videos from other people’s public Instagram accounts only. Pixwox site interface is easy to understand, and it is entirely free of cost to access.

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Pros & Cons of Pixwox

Pros of Pixwox

  • It is easy to access with an understandable interface.
  • You can view or download someone’s Instagram stories and posts anonymously.
  • There is no need for any registration or subscriptions.
  • The Pixwox site is entirely free of cost.
  • This site contains several visitors and users.
  • You can easily access it anytime and anywhere.
  • It saves the stories or posts directly to your device.
  • You can create an excellent fan-based Instagram account to repost all gathered information about your favorite people.

Cons of Pixwox

  • Sometimes, the site doesn’t work properly due to errors.
  • It mostly doesn’t give the exact requested account info.
  • It may cause malware actions in the downloading process.
  • Many unknown people use the same registrar.
  • People’s reviews on this site are affected negatively.

How to download Instagram stories or posts through Pixwox?

As mentioned earlier, the Pixwox site has a user-friendly interface to make it more convenient to access. The process of downloading Instagram stories and posts through Pixwox is as follows.

  • Open the Pixwox website (now the name has changed to Picnob) on a supported web browser.
  • After opening the website for viewing or downloading, you need to enter the Instagram account user ID in the search bar of whom you want to view or download stories or posts.
  • You need to enter the correct spelling of the user ID. Otherwise, it can’t display the account details.
  • Click on the Search icon after entering the user ID, and you can see the account details with hashtags on the home screen of the Pixwox website. Choose the required image or video with a single tap, and you can view it and download it directly into your device storage.
  • Instead of entering the username, you can copy and paste the user name of the required Instagram account in the search bar.

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Alternatives of the Pixwox website

The best choices for the Pixwox website with similar functioning are mentioned here. All these platforms can be used in place of the Pixwox website, which has similar features. Some of the features are as follows.


This Instazu website is one of the best alternatives for the Pixwox website as it works similarly with similar features. It is free and easy to access the Instazu website, and it works just like the Pixwox website to view and save Instagram stories and posts. This website also allows you to view or download the Instagram profiles of public accounts only. You can also edit them.


StoriesIG also works as an Instagram story downloader, and you can also download various posts that include images and videos. To access this StoriesIG, you don’t need to register on the website, and it is entirely free of cost. This site can support mobile and computer and allows you to view and download Instagram reels.

Story Saver

Storysaver is one of the alternative sites for the Pixwox website, and with this site, you can easily download individual Instagram stories and posts (pics & videos) with just one click. This Story Saver gives access to public accounts only, and with just one click, it allows you to access story highlights and Insta reels.


To view and download Instagram stories and posts, Bigsta is one of the best ways to access it. With the Bigsta website, individual Instagram profile details are visible with the highlights and IGTV videos free of cost and without creating an account. It is one of the best alternatives for the Pixwox site with its best features.


You can view or download Instagram stories and posts anonymously, which means nobody knows that you are displaying or downloading the stories or posts. There is no need to login into your account, or there is no need for any subscriptions or registrations to access the website. The best feature is you can access the website in your preferred language, and it is associated with the StoriesIG site.

A few more alternatives are listed below:
Instalkr4k stogram

Some of the best features of the Pixwox website

The Pixwox website is popular because of its best features, and every website has specific aspects that make it more elegant. A few of the attributes are listed below.

  • It doesn’t redirect to unwanted advertisement webpages.
  • It doesn’t mention anywhere that it contains bugs on the website, and there is no evidence of safety and security.
  • All the interesting content is available on the website; you can download the images or videos in original HD quality.
  • The Pixwox site works fast in searching, downloading, and viewing Instagram profiles.
  • The entire process of the Pixwox website is free of cost.

Safety and security of the Pixwox website

The Pixwox website is illegal to use, and there is no assurance of safety when using the Pixwox website. It’s not an up-right thing to look into another’s private life, and it’s not ethical to download other pictures and videos. When the topic comes to safety and security, these kinds of illegal websites won’t cover the safety and security issues. As it is a public website, anyone can easily use this website for unauthorized activities. One feature of Pixwox is that it allows one to view only public profiles on Instagram.

Wrapping Up

In this article, you can see the complete information about the Pixwox website. Everyone wishes to check the stories or posts of one Instagram account, but once or twice, think of their privacy and legal issues. All the websites, including Pixwox, are entirely illegal to use, and we never try to encourage these unlawful websites. We like to provide awareness and information about Instagram stories and posts’ saver sites.

Even though these websites allow you to view or download Instagram stories and posts free of cost, think about the safety of your data and profile accounts you visit. All these websites allow you to save content from public accounts only.

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