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Pinterest Launches Shuffles: How The App That Is Popular

Pinterest has launched Shuffles, the app that is becoming popular among the very young and allows you to create animated collages in the form of videos: here is all the news. College-style mood board videos are becoming more and more viral on TikTok, as is the application that makes this type of creativity possible. Shuffles, the collage maker recently launched by the Pinterest app, has climbed the App Store rankings thanks to persistent demand from Generation Z users. 

The very young are taking advantage of the new creative expression tool to create, publish and share new ones—visual content. These aesthetic collages are accompanied by music posted on TikTok or shared privately with your friends or the Shuffles community. Although at the moment, the app can only be accessed by invitation, Shuffles has already made headlines, winning first place as a Lifestyle app in the US App Store.

How Shuffles Works

The Shuffles photo editing app allows users to create their collages using Pinterest’s photo library or by taking photos of objects they want to include. One of the plus points is that the app is fully integrated with Pinterest, so users can cut out objects from their photos,  board images, or search for new Pins without leaving the app. Shuffles make cropping images very easy. The app can identify the object automatically when the user searches for or takes a photo. This means the user needs to click Add to insert the chosen image into the collage. 

You can change the size and appearance thanks to numerous graphic and motion effects applied to the images. The sudden popularity of Shuffles. From the data shared by the app intelligence company data.ai,  during the week of August 15-22, Shuffles was ranked fifth among the best Lifestyle apps thanks to the very high number of downloads on the iPhone in the United States. An increase of 72 positions compared to the previous week’s ranking. On August 21, 2022, it became the # 1 Lifestyle app on the iPhone, joining the Top 20 non-gaming apps on iOS, effectively jumping 22 places compared to the previous day.

What Is Shuffles, And How The Pinterest Collage App Works

With Shuffles, collages for the web take on new life and turn into real works of art! Pinterest’s collage app is a marvel and allows you to create beautiful collages to share on social media quickly. Designed to create fantastic harmonies of shots with the possibility of also using extraordinary animations, the iOS app will allow you to propose to your audience online images with always new and fun effects to give a final kick to the boredom of the usual snapshots and the usual selfies.

You can cut out objects from photos and then insert them into your collages, which works intuitively. Your collage can be saved on your device, shared via SMS or WhatsApp with friends or published in a dedicated community using hashtags… But you can use it by invitation only, at least for now. How to get invited? Just know a Shuffles user, get a code that will allow you to log in and… that’s it!

With Shuffles, Pinterest Is Aimed At The Youngest

Taking into account that it hasn’t been launched publicly yet, but is only available to some users by invitation, Shuffles has been an uncommon success. The new app represents a way to reinvent itself for the Pinterest social network, which as the video era advances, must find a way to emerge. For example, products like Idea Pins, similar to TikTok, and live shopping videos on Pinterest TV. Following the same trend of trends on social media, Shuffles is also aimed at a younger demographic that uses social networks in a completely new way, which is no longer just networking, but above all, personal expression.

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