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Learn To Use Linkedin: Find Out How To Use It To Find Work

LinkedIn is a professional social network par excellence: users can create profiles and upload their CVs to find work, and companies can find new customers. Here’s how to use it. Launched in the world of social networks in 2003, LinkedIn immediately stood out for its nature: aggregating users who want to create a professional network, improve their skills and find a new job. Like social media, it shows profile photos and requires creating an account, where information on training, work experience and acquired skills, including soft and hard skills, wins. 

It quickly became one of the most effective tools for finding a new job and showing off your skills to the community. A digital place to the network helps those looking for work and companies looking for precious resources. In addition, companies and freelancers can include it in their social media marketing strategies to gain visibility, new customers, and new employees. So here’s what you need to know to use Linkedin at its best.

LinkedIn Profile Or Company Page: How To Choose

Users who log into LinkedIn for the first time can create their account for free, where they can upload an adapted version of their resume. The social network requires only contact information, work experience, training and skills. Over the years, new features have been added, such as tests demonstrating their skills to recruiters. More and more space has been given to posts and news to create discussions, facilitate networking between users, and favor personal branding and new links. Companies can create their LinkedIn page to show their company reality, communicate values, show the latest activities and still search for future employees through the appropriate announcement section.

How To Look For Work On LinkedIn

Over time, the social network has become the perfect place to get noticed, look for new job opportunities and find exciting offers. More and more recruiters, both from specialized companies and from individual companies, are hunting for profiles that could give added value to their business. Users can filter job postings, set job titles and location notifications, and view results. 

To apply, on the other hand, you only need a few clicks and the insertion, if required, of a CV, a cover letter, and to answer a few questions. LinkedIn can also suggest exciting job offers based on the user’s profile and indicate a “match” when it believes that the shape is in line with the requests for skills from the person who opened the ad. And for those who want to unlock additional features, test to improve and see how it looks to recruiters, there’s also LinkedIn Premium – a paid version with other elements.

When To Post On LinkedIn?

There is no good hour or “good days”: there are days and hours when your target is simply present. I wrote an entire article on the best times to start: When to post on LinkedIn on my blog. Stay on the lookout for new job offers, and make job alerts to position yourself quickly, in addition to the classic email alerts specific to other sites. These are crucial steps to get your career off the ground and get noticed among candidates. LinkedIn provides millions of users with several features, including LinkedIn Job, which boosts your job search.

LinkedIn Marketing: What Can Be Done

Those who enter LinkedIn not only find new employees or collaborators but by wisely using the company pages and those profiles for freelancers, they will also be able to find new customers. To do this, you need to identify a marketing strategy for LinkedIn that is effective, based on your target and can be monitored thanks to the platform’s analytics.

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