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Lean Methodology: What It Is And What It Is For

Lean Methodology is a philosophy of approach to work that aims to reduce the use of resources and maximize performance: here are what principles it is based on. Being competitive, optimizing time and costs, maintaining high performance and meeting customer needs are the objectives that every company sets itself every day. To achieve them, you need a suitable organization and business management method which makes the entire production process efficient, profitable, and flexible.

Among the methodologies used worldwide to pursue these purposes is the Lean Methodology, which guarantees the achievement of results with a net reduction of costs and waste. Having better management of all business processes is a source of significant advantages. The greater economic solidity stands out, which allows continuous investments to make improvements and innovations and protects companies from any periods of crisis. On the other hand, the Lean Methodology results from a historical moment in which the need to find new ways to increase profits while reducing waste was strongly felt to avoid bankruptcy.

Lean Methodology is much more than a simple way of organizing production processes. It is a natural work philosophy, which involves all those who carry out activities within the same company, regardless of the role held, and requires respect between people. Consequently, it requires a change of mentality and approach to work, in which each member of the team must assume their responsibilities and be aware of the ultimate goal to be achieved.

Continuous Improvement

  1. Continuous improvement is one of the cardinal principles of Lean Methodology. The transversal scientific approach is used by the companies that follow this Methodology in every process and activity. The goal is to constantly seek perfection, with continuous improvement interventions to achieve a high degree of competitiveness in the market.
  2. In the lean approach, improvement is not seen as a radical change of all processes introduced exclusively through material resources but as a continuous and gradual process that must never be interrupted.
  3. This philosophy, applied to all the company structures, means that everyday companies can make small steps forward, leading to high customer satisfaction and increased quality standards.
  4. This means, in practice, making daily improvements, albeit small, following constant control of all activities and correct management of the flow of information. A concept that contrasts sharply with the tendency to seek significant changes through the introduction of technological innovations and occasional high investments.
  5. To have continuous improvement, you need to have the courage to accept new challenges and adopt creative thoughts always to find unexplored paths to achieve the set goals. On the other hand, data analysis is essential for making correct decisions.

Respect For Others

  1. Lean Methodology completely changes the way of life in the company and the method of approaching the work of each individual, both those who hold decision-making and responsible roles and employees. We tend to develop a real sense of belonging, which leads workers to do their utmost to achieve goals and keep standards high.
  2. For this to happen, respect for people must exist within the company.
  3. Everyone must ensure that they have a positive attitude, always trying to understand the point of view of others and trying to build relationships based on mutual trust.
  4. Teamwork is essential. The team must be cohesive, and each member must take responsibility for their actions di lei, knowing that these can affect the activities of other collaborators. Finally, continuous improvement must also be personal and professional, with a gradual increase in skills and knowledge.

Finding The Proper Process To Get Results

  1. Once the proper process and production method have been identified, this must be applied in all company sectors. With standardized tasks and procedures, all employees will know how to behave and have the right approach to work, ensuring the desired results are achieved.
  2. With the consistent application of the identified method, all non-obvious problems will come to light and can be solved. Quality must always be the first goal. The entire culture of the company must therefore be oriented towards perfectionism.

Adding Value To Society By Improving People’s Wellbeing

  1. Lean Methodology is founded on respect for people and between people. Based on a flexible and creative approach, personal and professional growth goes hand in hand with the companies. All company employees must internalize the principles and derive advantages and benefits in transversal skills.
  2. A lean system requires leaders who have great awareness of what work is and who internalize the philosophy behind this Methodology: continuous growth.
  3. After understanding it and making it their own, they must be able to pass it on and teach it to others, creating a team ready to work side by side to achieve goals and maintain high performance.
  4. Leaders must manage and inspire a group that follows the company philosophy, respecting all internal and external collaborators (for example, suppliers), and finding ways to stimulate them and help them grow.
  5. Its task is to set goals and then leave employees the freedom to reach them with a sense of responsibility and confidence in their abilities. This fosters a sense of wellbeing that affects the whole of society.

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