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Jira: How To Use The Application Offer?

Jira is a project management app for small agile teams. Each step is finely analyzed so your project develops quickly and in the best conditions. In just a few clicks, you can create a project and assign a leader who will oversee all the tasks related to its evolution. Jira is a complete application where the possibilities are multiple. To help you understand its functions and the tools they offer, here is a short guide that will allow you to use it without making mistakes.

What Tools Does The Jira Application Offer?

The Jira application is aimed at agile teams. That is to say, the know-how of the members of these teams is complementary to the project’s success. The Atlassian company launched its Jira application in 2015, addressing different areas of activity:

  1. software development (Jira Software)
  2. human resources, marketing, finance (Jira Core)
  3. incident management (Jira Ops)

Project Management

Jira Software allows the management of a project based on software development. Today, Jira Software has more than 30,000 customers worldwide thanks to its powerful tools for preparing a project, monitoring the various stages of its development, and delivering it in the best conditions. 

The agile team can easily predict what they need, see how the project progresses with each member, and easily communicate for better management. Indeed, Jira allows team members to talk about the project and its stages in a simplified way to avoid mistakes and see the project through to completion. Within an agile team created to develop software, there are many actors with different skills, such as:

  1. software developers
  2. the technicians
  3. professional users
  4. customers in charge of ordering the software

To meet the needs of the whole team and manage the project’s development from A to Z, Jira also offers different packs and extensions to plan tasks and create a work schedule, but also to see where the different members of the team are. Team and highlight everyone’s progress with Jira Agile (designed for the development of your project). Other extensions allow Jira users to manage tickets, like the Jira Service Desk (designed to help manage your project). 

You can add these extensions to your “basic” Jira application if you wish. You can add other extensions to customize your project management platform better. Jira is indeed compatible with extensions like Tempo Timesheet or Zephyr. To this, Jira Software (which specializes in computer software development) adds other features such as Bitbucket or Confluence. Your Jira application, therefore, allows you to plan the different tasks, plan each team member’s work thanks to different methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, prioritize the tasks to be accomplished, and communicate via an exchange system. 

In addition, Jira offers an application on iPhone so that you can follow the evolution of your project during a business trip or outside your working hours. You will be constantly connected to your project, so no stress arises during its development. Thanks to the Jira application, you will not miss a step in the evolution of your project because you can observe the progress made; you can also change the priority of each team member and reorganize the tasks thanks to its interface. Easy to use.

Incident Management

The software can suffer some bugs either during its development or its execution. To better manage this technical incident, Jira offers a computer failure management system: Jira Ops. The teams concerned by any breakdowns or technical incidents are quickly alerted through its platform. In a few words, Jira presents the failure to the relevant personnel so that they can understand where it comes from, but also:

  1. the contact of the person responsible for the incident
  2. the contact of the head of technicians

For example, if you have developed legal video streaming software, but some of your customers cannot read some of your content. Jira identifies the bug and reports it to you, explaining why it consists and what could be the cause. Then, each team member checks if everything works in his domain and indicates it in the discussion thread. Communication is fast and makes it possible to find the source of the bug and resolve it in record time.

The New Post-Mortem Feature

As part of incident management, the Jira application wanted to strengthen its tools by offering a new post-mortem feature Explanations. The Atlassian company presented a new feature of its incident manager Jira Ops at its conference in Barcelona last year. Its purpose is to enable teams to better manage software failures by learning from past mistakes. 

When you fix a bug in your software, you may feel like your task in that area is done, but thanks to Jira’s post-mortem feature, you can avoid finding the same type of bug in the future. Through any incident, you learn and progress. Over time, you will be able to:

  1. identify the weak points of your project
  2. avoid repeated bugs
  3. resolve similar incidents faster

Once you have solved one of the incidents, you must learn from it to progress. For this, Jira offers you to deepen the analysis of the bug. By creating a post-mortem document, you will be able to discuss this bug and its ins and outs with your teams:

  1. understand where the incident comes from
  2. what impact did it have on your project
  3. how it was solved
  4. how to prevent it from repeating itself

If you encounter a new incident, Jira Ops will automatically send you a report with what you concluded following the previous bug. If you were to make your report yourself, it would take you several hours, and the incident resolution would only be delayed. So Jira Ops allows you to centralize a lot of information about your bug so that you can spend your time and energy on solving it rather than collecting data.

In addition, by creating post-mortem documentation about an incident, you can more easily explain to your customers why this type of bug occurred, where it came from, and what measures were taken to resolve it. From now on, your customers can follow all your operations in case of bugs. Atlassian has also implemented an automatic issue management function allowing Jira to show you how to solve a simple bug. Indeed, Jira can offer you an answer to the bug.

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