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How To Digitize Your Onboarding Processes?

Onboarding refers to integration. In a company, it is inherent in the human resources department and concerns the reception of new profiles. Onboarding is usually achieved through a series of actions that can be resource and time-consuming. However, it is possible to reduce and optimize them using digital technology.

Onboarding Of New Employees Thanks To LMS

Several kinds of onboarding are performed depending on the situation. That relating to integrating new employees into the company is the most frequent. It is achieved through a series of actions that help new employees find their place. It may be a question of scheduling regular check-ins with them to ensure everything is going well. You can also transmit all the valuable information to them effectively.

Fortunately, thanks to LMS, it is possible to facilitate the process of professional training for new employees. Also called Learning Management Systems, these are software programs involved in developing training processes. Even if the link with the new employees is not apparent, it remains accurate. Indeed, in some cases, an employee’s training is essential to his integration and mastery of the position. 

Usually, its smooth running depends mainly on the trainer but also on the learning capacity of the employee. In most cases, it is dispensed quickly and without dwelling on the details. With an LMS, this risk is eliminated. The software can take into account all the stages of training. With its interface reserved for learners, it will facilitate assimilation while freeing the new employee from monitoring one of his seniors.

Easy Monitoring And Evaluation With The LMS

The LMS is more than just helpful software for training new employees. It is also convenient in their follow-up and especially in their evaluation. These are two fundamental aspects of onboarding which gives the company an exact idea of ​​the progress of new profiles. In this way, the integration process is improved to be more in line with the needs of the learners. Thanks to reviews programmed to be automatic, it is possible to subject new profiles to a variety of tests. They can help to know if certain subtleties related to the responsibilities of the position are well understood.

In addition, it is a good idea to set up a reward system to support monitoring and evaluation. Even if it is subtle, it reinforces the new employee’s belonging to the group and allows him to get more involved. All this contributes to onboarding. With the learning management system, it is possible to set up an effective reward process. It can take the form of issuing diplomas or certifications at various process stages. In addition to being entirely digital, it will be automatic, saving you time. It shows that one of the best ways to digitize your onboarding processes is to integrate an LMS into your operation.

Benefits For Companies

Companies, through the digitization of Onboarding processes, can obtain enormous economic benefits (reduction of acquisition costs of new customers and decrease in business costs thanks to the automation and simplification of operations), regulatory (Completely validated Digital Onboarding, compliant with national and international legislation and the GDPR) and customer loyalty (an excellent Customer Experience and better data management help to offer more reasons to a customer to remain loyal to the Brand).

Benefits For Customers

Digital onboarding processes allow users to access new services through increasingly streamlined and rapid interfaces and digital paths. The moment of recognition is crucial along the way between the customer and the desired Brand. It can be carried out most conveniently, based on needs (for example, remote identification, video selfie, biometric recognition or today also via a chatbot) and allows the subsequent signing of agreements and contracts in digital mode, remotely, on any device.

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