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Five Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In E-Commerce

Webshops rightly complain about the high bounce rate of up to 98 percent on average. After all, they lose a lot of revenue as a result. But they are often not entirely innocent of the misery—a lack of payment options, annoying retargeting & Co. you have to take on your cap. Read the top five e-Commerce don’ts.

Only One Payment System Is Offered

If the user has already clicked through half the checkout, the anticipation of the new sweater or the trip is growing. But suddenly, it says Payment is only possible by credit card—an absolute no-go in a professional webshop. Every customer has their preferences when it comes to Payment. One trusts in the classic transfer, another loves the credit card, and many rely on PayPal. To be fair to everyone, all standard payment options should be available. Otherwise, the customer says: “Bye Bye!”.

Too Much Retargeting

Retargeting is a valuable way to encourage users who have left the webshop without purchasing to return as long as you do it right. The frequency and relevance of the ad are essential here: Anyone who is bombarded with dozens of ads every day for weeks after abandoning the purchase – even though they may have bought the product long ago – will quickly become annoyed and avoid the online shop in the future. 

True to the motto “As little as possible, as much as necessary,”: An advertising banner up to a maximum of five times a day over three days is considered acceptable. After the user has been successfully retrieved, you should not forget to de-mark him so that he no longer receives advertising for a product that has already been purchased.

The Wrong Product Recommendations

Time is one of our scarcest resources these days. For this reason, users in webshops want to find what they are looking for immediately. If this doesn’t work, e-commerce operators often offer alternative products, although the quality is often compromised. A customer looking for a red blouse does not need white trousers. Many web shops should optimize their algorithms for product recommendations.

Too Long Loading Times

As We said, nobody has time these days. Therefore, a webshop with long loading times, in which the product images only appear after 30 seconds, is unacceptable for customers. A fast and stable server is an absolute must. If the site hangs when shopping online due to poor server performance, the customer should continue shopping at the same point using a service email.

Lack Of Usability

The worst mistake that webshop operators can make is a lack of usability. If a user clicks on the page and does not understand using it, the jump is inevitable. No one wants to feel as lost on a website as they would in a department store with no signage. That’s why it’s better to have a few more people put the website through its pages before launching the webshop than too few. 

In addition, a real-time assistant in the form of a layer that provides relevant information about the respective station in the customer journey is irreplaceable. In this way, the customer feels that he is being taken seriously when shopping and, in the best-case scenario, rewards this service with a purchase.

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