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Five Alternatives To Trello To Carry Out A Project

Are you looking for the best alternatives to Trello to carry out one project, or more at best? Read on. This is the article for you. To give some examples, a project can fizzle because of multiple factors, like the absence of arranging, unfortunate correspondence inside the group, or the sorry asset of the board. Most issues can be summarized in one sentence: inadequately coordinated project the board. One primary and most regular reason for project disappointment is missed cutoff times. Various organizations manage this issue and don’t regard the first cutoff times. How might cutoff times be met? Basic: Begin following your tasks all the more productively utilizing sensible venture the executive’s programming arrangements.

Setting up the project, the executives with arrangements like Trello assist you with completing an undertaking at its best since they permit you to take out every manual task the board processes that would rapidly lead you to sit around and commit errors. They will empower you to see who is chipping away at the venture, apply marks and channels to errands, set due dates, connect records, and team up with your group. This is all on one dashboard. In any case, notwithstanding this, Trello isn’t all ideal. Despite having over 17,500 surveys on Capterra and a typical rating of 4.5 out of 5, numerous clients raise a few negative focuses, for example, utilizing the renowned “Enhancers” Trello expansions for various highlights. 

If you want to introduce more than one Enhancer – for charging, time following, reports, schedules, repeating assignments, and substitute perspectives (like Gantt diagrams) – you might need to settle up to $9.99 (roughly €9.25) per client. As indicated by specific surveys, Trello is sometimes delayed in loading, and email warnings are sent long after an undertaking, particularly on occupied sheets. In light of these drawbacks, many users rely on the competition. So we bring you here the top 5 alternatives to Trello according to users:

  1. ClickUp
  2. FunctionFox
  3. GoodDay
  5. Resource Gurus

Discover The Five Best Alternatives To Trello To Carry Out A Project

To find the best alternatives to Trello, we analyzed the recommendations and ratings provided by Capterra users. Then we narrowed it down to the five best project management products featured in this article based on the following criteria:

  1. At least a 4.5-star rating on Capterra
  2. Reviews from at least ten different users from other companies
  3. The cost of the first segment plan does not exceed $10 (approximately €9.26) per user per month

The products are listed in alphabetical order.

ClickUp: Improve The Productivity Of Small Teams

Rating: 4.7

Reviews: 2059

ClickUp is a comparative option compared to Trello in cooperative elements: clients can make undertakings utilizing cards, embed labels in discussions, and resolve remarks. They can likewise compose organized text, follow coordinated efforts continuously, and switch between board sees. The product offers a unique point of view for dealing with a venture regarding account consents: managers can work authorization controls in light of the undertaking progressive system, like association, group, undertaking, or errand level. The device offers mixes like Dropbox for record sharing and Reap for using time productively.


  1. The tool boasts numerous collaborative features, such as taking notes and the integrated calendar.
  2. Users appreciate the option to switch between board views, such as time management (calendar), Kanban board, list, and Gantt chart.
  3. The notepad feature allows users to take notes and jot down ideas they can later convert into tasks.


  1. We need to update the mobile application with options to filter tasks by priority or due date.
  2. Need for a shorter learning curve: Familiarizing yourself with the interface can be lengthy.
  3. The loading time needs to be improved to allow creating and closing of tasks faster.

How Much Does ClickUp Cost?

ClickUp is free with a one-project limit and 100 MB of storage space. The paid version – $5 (about €4.63) per user per month – offers unlimited features: storage space, projects, apps, customizable fields, and workflows.

FunctionFox: Time And Project Status Tracking

Rating: 4.5

Reviews: 1361

FunctionFox is an ideal task for the executives to program for small, project-based organizations. It offers highlights like errand the board, bunch schedules, timesheets, stopwatch, charging, cost reports, and contact the executives. In contrast to Trello, FunctionFox offers comparable usefulness for tasks the executives. Project individuals can make, relegate and oversee errands from one focal area. Yet, where Trello offers straightforward Kanban-based work processes, FunctionFox incorporates definite reports that permit organizations to follow project objectives and group accessibility.


  1. Users appreciate that the tool bundles project management, time counting, and accounting features.
  2. The resource distribution feature allows managers to plan employee schedules.
  3. The reporting feature helps create client reports, such as cost forecasts, expenses, and billable time.


  1. The ability to upload multiple files to the document management tool is missing.
  2. Users could learn to use the tool in less time if the interface were more intuitive.
  3. The customer management functionality could be improved by removing the limit on the number of customers users can add to their timesheets.

How Much Does FunctionFox Cost?

FunctionFox starts at $5 (about €4.63) per user per month and includes timesheets, mobile access, and project templates. The $10 (approximately €9.22) per user per month subscription also offers resource distribution and the project blog. The version of the $15 (about €13.83) per user per month includes document management and customizable reports.

GoodDay: Plan Tasks And Streamline Workflows

Rating: 4.6

Reviews: 61

GoodDay assists organizations with following various parts of a venture, for example, task progress, objectives accomplished, and worker exercises. It likewise offers project booking usefulness to distinguish related errands utilizing Gantt outlines, subsequently permitting organizations to put forth exact evaluations of the time and attempt expected to finish a task. GoodDay is an option compared to Trello, which offers a web-based Kanban board that can smooth out project work processes with cards. Cards address errands and can be moved in a straightforward, direct way. This framework benefits IT and Scrum groups, who frequently work with a Kanban-style action work process with sections for item overabundance, run arranging, current run, underway, and finished exercises.


  1. Users appreciate the user experience and ease of navigation, such as the drag & drop function.
  2. Task management features such as the ability to move tasks along the workflow.
  3. Customer service responds quickly and offers solutions.


  1. The mobile app requires an improvement in the user experience and functionality, such as the introduction of the possibility to view the hour reports from the smartphone.
  2. There need to be third-party integrations with solutions like Jira and Github.
  3. Users would like to have more features, such as creating sub-tasks and assigning tasks to different project members.

How Much Does A Good Day Cost?

GoodDay is free for up to 25 users, with 1GB of storage. The version of the $5 (approximately €4.63) per user per month includes 10GB of storage, 250 users, and advanced integrations. View The Status Of Projects And Tasks

Rating: 4.6

Reviews: 2149  is an undertaking and time-following arrangement that offers elements, for example, project layouts. The group coordinated effort loads up, document sharing, and errand the board. Groups can share project archives, convey through task remarks, make work processes, and track time spent on undertakings. With elements, for example, proposition and client the board, this apparatus is excellent for the project, followed by experts who work with clients like workers for hire and planners and need answers for citation creation and contact the executives.


  1. Users appreciate the ease of customization, which allows them to configure boards, workflows, and dashboards.
  2. Reporting options allow you to get an idea of ​​the team’s ability to carry out a project thanks to resource distribution reports.
  3. Customer service responds promptly and is committed to answering user questions quickly.


  1. The loading time of the software could be accelerated to make its use more fluid when many employees are connected simultaneously to update project details.
  2. We need to simplify the per-user fee to allow access to the Basic version with fewer than five users.

How Much Does Cost?

The Basic version is available starting at $25 (about €23.05) for five users, with 5GB of storage space and unlimited project boards. The Standard version starts at $39 (about €35.96) for five users, with 50GB of storage space and unlimited activity logs. The Pro version is $59 for five users, with unlimited storage, time tracking, and private dashboards. The Enterprise plan includes tailored pricing, single sign-on (SSO) integration, and one-to-one training.

Resource Guru: Consult The Availability Of Teams For Your Projects

Rating: 4.5

Reviews: 227

Resource Guru helps you track employee schedules within a project, equipment availability, and more. Resource Guru is a project scheduling solution with features like an integrated calendar that allows project managers to schedule task schedules. Employees can view the tasks assigned to them, progress and deadlines. This tool also helps project managers post the right employees to a given project based on matching each one’s skills with the requirements. Resource Guru also allows you to manage employee attendance by monitoring paid vacation requests.


  1. Users appreciate the simple interface, which makes it easier to plan and manage team tasks.
  2. Good customer service, promptly responding to inquiries and making changes based on user feedback. Users like the ability to create and export resource usage reports in projects.


  1. The software does not have mobile versions like native apps for iOS and Android.
  2. Loading could be faster to allow for more immediate and more accessible use.
  3. The ability to customize notifications is missing, which would enable users to set specific times to receive updates.

How Much Does A Resource Guru Cost?

The first subscription level is available starting from $2.50 (approximately €2.30) per user per month and includes unlimited projects and absence management. Upgrading to the $4.16 (approximately €3.84) per user per month version gets additional features such as reporting. In contrast, the Master plan – $6.65 (about €6.13) per user per month – also offers telephone support and the ability to import data.

Which Alternative To Trello Is Best Suited For Your Business To Carry Out A Project?

We offer you a summary of the alternatives to Trello listed in this article to help you find the solution that best suits your business and your needs:

  1. ClickUp: This tool is ideal for users who want to have a variety of dashboards (not just Kanban) for managing a project, including Gantt charts and task lists.
  2. FunctionFox: Provides features to track employee working hours, track projects, and manage customer details. This software is, therefore, ideal for monitoring specific customer projects to create billable hour reports.
  3. GoodDay: Like Trello, it offers a Kanban board for project management. This software helps companies improve their project management processes and gain visibility into employee performance.
  4. This tool offers features like project calendars and task management boards. Thanks to the possibility of creating offers, it is also helpful for architects and contractors.
  5. Resource Guru: solution with specific functions such as vacation management and resource matching. The latter allows managers to assign suitable employees to a given project based on availability.

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