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Digital Archiving: What It Is For And How To Do It Best

The digital archiving of documents is assuming an increasingly strategic role in the dynamics of both public and private organizations. According to data collected by the Smart Working Observatory of the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic, 6.58 million people landed in smart working during the lockdown. The use of smart working, even in a mixed way, will continue to be used by companies in the coming years. From this point of view, and about the absence of the typical physical workplace, the digitization of documents is a priority issue.

Digital Archiving Of Documents: What Does It Consist Of?

The digital archiving of documents is not solely and exclusively on dematerialization and substitute document conservation but also represents a new method of approaching business, with which an organization can both support agile work policies and aim at developing data-driven strategies and process optimization, administrative and beyond. The term ‘ digital archiving ‘ does not indicate only and exclusively the conversion from paper support into digital format of contracts, forms, reports and shared documents, but also the translation of contents, through ad hoc software platforms and specific IT protocols, into accessible data from any user and business system.

Thanks to digital document archiving, it is possible to ‘move’ all documents on the digital plane by providing suitable storage systems. It is also essential to build an ecosystem of tools and services that allow applications and users to create, modify, save, send and share any document on any medium. You need to choose user-friendly interfaces – or design them, in the case of custom projects – and acquire the software licenses for digital document archiving that are best suited to meet the needs of the company and the corporate population. To introduce a culture of innovation among collaborators less inclined to abandon traditional methods and paper supports and to support the entire organization in a seamless transformation process, it will be essential to work on change management.

Digital Archiving Of Documents: The Advantages

Its advantages must undoubtedly be mentioned to talk about digital document archiving at 360°. First of all, one of these, compared to the traditional method, is the saving on paper consumption, the space occupied to keep sheets and folders, and the management and sorting of printed matter. The Electronic Invoicing and Dematerialization Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic has calculated a reduction in costs of around eight euros per document. 

Digital document archiving is essential, especially for companies that have decided to accompany their collaborators along the path of Smart Working whether working from home or a hub, on the train or in a client’s office, accessing any document from your smartphone or laptop makes managing your offsite tasks much more accessible. An advantage of using digital archiving of documents is undoubtedly represented by the fact that once ‘digitized’ they can be ‘fed’ to analytical platforms, which explore their contents by tracing their changes along the decision-making and approval processes to extract helpful information for understanding the efficiency of the organization and the trend of the business.

Digital Archiving: How To Do It In The Company

In addition to the digital conversion of the entire company documentation, which requires secure storage systems and an organization of virtual spaces with clear folder and file names that follow a precise chronological order, it is necessary to have a series of tools and services that allow creating, edit, save, send and share any type of document, in any medium.

Other prominent aspects concern the correct management of data about the Gdpr and the advanced solutions for recognizing digital identities. The latter is the necessary premise to activate the electronic signature. Through the digital archiving of documents, organizations also manage a series of sensitive data which, if violated and stolen, can pose a severe threat to the security of users and customers. For this reason, combining virtual storage spaces with managed security systems would be preferable.

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