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Difference Between A Freelancer And A Web Agency

The substantial difference is independent of the quality of the service, but of the goals you want to achieve and the available budget. The freelancer can carry out a more tailor-made job for a longer time. The web agency can do a more standardized job in a shorter time. Regardless of their activity, entrepreneurs and professionals are increasingly asking themselves whether it is better to contact a Freelancer or a Web Agency to implement their marketing plan on the web. With this post, I want to dissolve your doubts, indicating the main differences between these two solutions today. Once you have the full prospectus clear, you can make an informed and oriented choice toward what seems most suitable for your business.

Freelance Or Web Agency, Which One To Choose For The Web Marketing Of Your Professional Firm?

Better a Freelancer or a Web Agency? I can’t tell you, not because I don’t want to, but because it’s not about asking for advice on which product is better than another, but because there isn’t a better service between the web agency and the freelancer. Instead, c ‘is a better service than another and is based on your needs and goals. I’ll give you an example. When I set out to get back in shape, I wondered if a personal trainer or a gym would be better. Well, I asked some friends who used to go to a gym for advice, and they invariably replied that the gym was perfect, that I should have joined too, and that I would have become a different person within a few weeks.

I then asked a friend who is a personal trainer by profession. He explained well why a private instructor was better than a workout in the gym, where the instructor can follow you and the others (unless you choose a personal trainer at the gym!). So what did I decide? In the end, I needed clarification. After a few days of reflection, however, I realized it wasn’t so much a question of which was better for the two options than what was best for me! I went to the gym and then worked out on my own with the help of my friend.

It’s the same for you. You have to figure out what you need, which can be challenging. Are you a small business owner? Do you want to relaunch your business or implement the existing one? There is an ad hoc solution for each of these needs, but to understand which one is the most suitable, you will have to rely on an expert. So let’s see the characteristics of the web agency and the freelancer and their limits, to help you choose the right professional.

Web Agency: The “Factory” Of Ideas

“To paint a large wall, you need a large brush.” Memories? It was the slogan of a company that produces quality paint brushes. And so, a large company may need a quick job, well done, but above all with short delivery times. In this case, the choice of the web agency is the most appropriate. This solution is ideal for those who have many products and therefore need e-commerce quickly or for those who are expanding their company and cannot afford to wait but need a large website to make it operational quickly. The web agency can respond to this need because it uses the work of various expert professionals in multiple sectors, so it is a sort of teamwork.

The advantage is that each professional takes care of a particular aspect of the project, then passes the work on to the other colleagues. Imagine turning to a web agency in Rimini where, like a sort of assembly line, the graphic designer takes care of the graphics and the copywriter of the texts. Then there is the SEO specialist who optimizes everything. I’ve simplified a lot of courses. This way, the agency can deal with several projects simultaneously, which is why it does a speedy job.

Web Agency: It Has Its Limits

But up to now, I have listed all the strengths of web agencies. I need to look into their limitations. First of all, you must be sure of the professionalism of an agency (this also applies to freelancers), but above all, you cannot expect a taylor made, tailored, sewn, and cared-for job to your needs. Sure, it’s different from what the web agency does as it pleases. It works according to your requests but only gives you the availability you can get from a freelancer. Let’s go back to the example I gave you of the personal trainer and the gym. 

The personal trainer plans your training daily and follows you step by step, correcting the shot if necessary. In the gym, the trainer tells you the type of training you have to follow, and you do it. If you need the trainer, but he’s busy, you have to wait. This is how it works with the agency. If you need to discuss an aspect of your project or campaign, it is not said you can do it with the same person you spoke with previously. On the contrary, the agency services are often sold to sellers with whom you will never have to deal again. In short, let’s say that it is a more “standard” service.

Freelance Web Marketing, The Web Craftsman

A freelancer’s work can be compared to the result of an artisan. He imagines handcrafted furniture calmly and patiently by skilled hands who, however, take the time they need because, as we know, haste is harmful in this case. The advantage is clear: you have a professional who can tailor a project to your needs, who studies the situation together with you, perhaps side by side, and starts planning the best strategy. Of course, he can’t do it all by himself. A freelancer usually collaborates with two or three people who deal with aspects outside his field of specialization, as happens in web agencies, but in a less broad context.

The advantage is, therefore, having a consultant, a contact person with whom you can discuss every action and choice concerning the project. A freelancer follows you closely, is always available, and comes to meet you when you ask. However, we also have cons, and the cons are of a temporal order. As happens for a product whose realization times are not the same as for an industrial development, it is for freelance work. A freelancer can deal with a maximum of two or three projects at a time, no more, and if they are giant jobs, he may need a very long time frame.

The Costs Of The Freelance And The Web Agency

Now we come to the costs. A web agency usually has management costs. For this reason, the estimate will not be low, especially if it is a substantial job. On the contrary, freelance, precisely because it has no management costs, therefore employees but rather collaborators can afford to give you a more competitive price.

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