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5G And Industry, What Benefits Will Come For Businesses

5G technology has led to several discussions in recent years in Italy. Although 5G technology is already used in a large part of the territory in telephony, only some know the potential in the industrial sector. Analyzing the reference sectors and the benefits can be a source of information for all companies that want to project themselves into the future and put themselves in a position of advantage over the competition.

Industrial 5G: Reference Sectors

Which are the sectors which, considering an optimal condition of use in which companies are perfectly aware of the potential of 5G, can benefit most from this technological progress.


Among the concrete applications that combine the industrial aspects with those of 5G is precision agriculture. Specifically, a network of sensors connected to a reliable and ideal connection for reaching rural areas is also implemented. Furthermore, the data exchange speed of a 5G network makes it possible to obtain more information on operations to allow the farmer to evaluate the activities to be performed in real-time. 

Greater data control leads the farmer to increase productivity and efficiency in harvesting and cultivating the fields. The new tools also make it possible to control agricultural equipment automatically, providing remote management of the machines. The very low latencies and excellent control distance can significantly improve productivity and work safety operations.

Automotive Industry

One of the sectors most involved in using 5G technology is the automotive sector. Vehicles connected to this type of frequency will be able to achieve highly efficient levels of autonomous control in the future. In particular, the industrial technology aimed at 5G is heading mainly towards the control of road collisions. Some phases of driving control could be automated, improving not only road safety but, above all, fuel efficiency. 

Being able to better manage the elements inside the car, taking advantage of the speed and data communication capability of 5G, can be handy for companies looking for new ways to develop cars. Companies still need to implement this technology. In this historical moment, it still appears to be a resource to be improved to obtain significant advantages in daily use.


In a business context, be it small or large, it is essential to optimize logistics to obtain results and save considerable investments during the year. 5G technology in logistics has a particularly marked impact when accompanied by IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity. Taking advantage of these two technological processes, it is possible to carry out inventories in real-time and to trace goods and services in a practical and fast way.

All video surveillance systems, or the organization of goods, can be managed very quickly without needing a local wired system. In this case, automation can facilitate logistics activities and monitor operations throughout the day, freeing the company from some functions that are often repetitive.

Manufacturing Production

Excellent results are also found in manufacturing production, where 5G is the ideal medium between man and machine. Thanks to 5G connectivity, it is possible to automate a large part of manufacturing tasks, not wholly replacing human resources, but to help them to manage the equipment better. Automated equipment allows you more flexibility and mobility within the industrial context, ensuring more efficient production lines and preventive maintenance essential to reduce overall costs. The collaboration between machine and man becomes complementary, not a substitute, using an optimized system to improve the final production.

Healthcare 4.0

The health sector is increasingly important, especially in such a difficult historical period as that of Covid-19. The use of 5G technology for emergency health services and remote medical clinics can be essential, especially considering some areas that are difficult to reach by traditional lines. In addition to healthcare facilities, this technology can also be a resource of great value for remote lessons and student training, as well as the creation of smart cities where new types of work can be created. The use of technology in the medical-health sector is increasingly marked. Although 5G may seem like a tool that is still far from practical applications, it could present various advantages.

5G And Industry: Benefits For Businesses

The growing interest in 5G in the industrial sector is mainly due to the many benefits that can be obtained. This type of connection, thanks to its technical capabilities, offers various functions which, in practice, translate into saving time and money, but what are the most apparent benefits of using 5G in an industrial context?

Simultaneous Connection

Among the most significant advantages that will come to companies in using a 5G connection is the possibility of connecting each object simultaneously to multiple access points. Taking advantage of this condition, obtaining a consistently stable connection is possible, even when one of the objects breaks. Connection stability is a critical issue, which underlines how the most modern devices focus not only on higher speed but, above all, on quality stability. An industrial process, in many cases, does not require very high speeds but consistently stable connectivity on which to rely in the event of related technical problems.

Break Free From Physical Cables

Although creating a wired corporate infrastructure is always a quality solution for obtaining maximum performance from the internal system, there are only sometimes solid foundations on which to base this digital transformation process. The 5G network is highly reliable and can be compared to physical cables, usually identified as the ideal solution. Being able to disengage from the wired system guarantees, in addition to optimal management of the instrumentation through dedicated software, also the elimination of extraordinary maintenance costs in the event of system malfunctions.


In the IT environment, when a new technology is implemented, additional security parameters are used to improve the encryption of the communicated data. 5G technology makes it possible to take advantage of an architecture similar to that of WiFi, effectively guaranteeing an excellent level of security. In an industrial context, the amount of data exchanged between the various processing areas must be protected in the best possible way. By taking advantage of 5G encryption, the desired results and widespread protection in the corporate infrastructure can be obtained.

Authorized Links

The issue of corporate security is also linked to the type of connection between the various industrial departments. The industrial network built with 5G allows access only to those with the authorization. The administrator can enable the productivity areas according to the programmed needs.

Cloud Encrypted

A further advantage of relying on 5G in an industrial context is to be found in connection with the encrypted cloud. More and more companies are using cloud services for data archiving on conditions that could expose users to potential cyber-attacks. With the old technologies, the cloud connection is only partially controlled. With 5G, there is exclusive use of encrypted codes.

Connection Speed

One of the strengths of 5G is to be identified in the connection speed between devices. Although even today, bandwidth constraints do not offer identical performance with each provider, choosing a quality service allows you to reach excellent speeds, currently found up to 1.8 Gbit/s. More incredible speed is synonymous with time recovered in data exchange, an indispensable feature for speeding up strategic business processes and interaction between machines.

Robotics And AI

In the digital transformation process, 5G plays a critical role in robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The advantages obtained from these technologies are valuable and aimed at all types of industrial activity. Indeed, careful management of 5G will be able in the future to improve various activities currently subject to restrictions, such as limited frequencies and the difficulty of companies to approach this technology.


When the terms 5G and industry are associated, especially in Italy, it is still difficult to imagine them as a concrete resource. However, analyzing the practical applications, especially in the USA, this technology can be a springboard for companies that want to carry out a digital transformation aimed at the future.

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